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WAR - My first short movie !

Most of the times when I see unfortunate headings on newspapers or any other media the OMG-feel stays for a tiny spell and then I rub it off or they are drained away automatically. The sexual crimes against women and children take the major share of the pie and it is always disgusting. I think we discuss victims, we feel for them and then gradually move on.  Gradually won’t be the correct say - we just get deviated within a minute’s time or an hour. The life of thoughts is just short. It was after reading a lot of headlines of crimes against women and children, I started thinking of the effect of the same on our people, the women, and children at our home.  If everybody out here takes a pause and looks at the ladies around, you may find the “life changes” they have made.  It was at the same time I got associated with a short film competition. After groping lot of threads and trials to copy some YouTube hits and make it my own, I failed and decided to make something original. I let the movie talk about my thoughts and prepared a write up with a representative character and then putting them on screen. Let me embed the link here. Hope the movie speak better than my post.  Pardon me for any technical glitches as we didn’t have any budget and had to make this movie with Zero cost.



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