Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bangaluru Auto Expo 2014

The wheel lovers always sharpen their ears whenever they hear -automotive exhibition . And for India the auspicious one is obviously The Delhi Auto Expo that have been mesmerizing the auto lovers from 1986. It takes pretty much pride to say that the same is Asia’s largest Auto Expo and stands second when takes the whole small planet. I don’t know why it’s happening biennial and let’s hope for yearly auto glamour. It will at least help out auto geeks from extreme south of the country – who rarely shows an auto obsession which makes them plan a trip to Delhi. But we – the guys love to follow the event from home and downloading all the pictures available.  Auto lovers download all possible angles of the same vehicle without any boredom, alike one who does for Hollywood / Bollywood actors. Isn't it ?

So this week I was pretty happy to see an auto expo held in my city. With no delay I was at the ticket counter and entered the pretty big convention center to experience my first live Auto Expo Presence. See the main attractions of the event below. Even though it was new and big for the city, I would say it’s not at all anything to compare with something like Delhi Expo which is heftier and healthier.  Having said that, it was nice to meet and talk to guys who are so passionate about wheels and awesomely chatty after getting a question from me – I’m sure I might have asked the dumbest query about engine and all other technicality 

Harley Corner

Harley Corner

Bulleteer Custom Corner - Modified Bullets

Bulleteer Custom Corner - Modified Bullets

Vintage Corner (Ford)

Vintage Corner (Austin)

Vintage Corner (Mini)

Vintage Corner

Vintage Corner (Mini)

Isuzu Pick Up - D Max

Isuzu Passenger product - MU7 (SUV)

Hyosung Corner

The Mini Corner

The Mini Open

The new product from the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) maker Polaris

Chevrolet Corner - (New India Launch TrailBlazer- SUV)

Bike stunt by Team Balance

Thanks to Times Of India for organizing the event