Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Shruthi Box - tunes the perfect Shruthi

I don’t know how many of us actually listen to soul full Indian music- whether it is Hindustani or Carnatic. And there are zillion ears which get turned off by that kind of music. We are people who like songs, mainly filmy songs which are made  on the base of many ragas . But when we are put in front of a speaker set which plays that original raga in the born form, wrinkles at forehead. Right?

I don’t know why and how that happens to many of us? Anyway I’m not here to do any research on that line.  But here is a man who has nothing to do with Indian culture or Indian music – Shankar Tucker. He has got only the first name which has something ‘Indian’ and that too he is not responsible.  So this man who is born and bought up in Massachusetts had a heart at the very younger age which got lured by Indian sounds. The man thus moved and rode a long way in the Indian classical routes making a strong base in both Hindustani and Carnatic braches.

When one’s music could create a serious community of 15 million listeners in social media platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud, it is easy to guess the impact or the influence that man made. Yes Tucker is a big bang in the Social Media with his musical talents. The great thing that he is doing is – making the heavy-feeling classical music likeable to a common man with extremely well sounding orchestration. His covers for other well made songs in the industry (Film) are also appreciated as they give a brand new sound keeping the respect to the original one. The John McLaughlin inspired person has around 30 sound tracks in his kitty which he pumps out to the music lovers through his YT channel  “The Shruthi Box”. 

The interest Tucker had in Jazz and Jazz fusion in younger age later shifted to Indian sounds when he listened to ‘Remember Shakthi’ by the early mentioned John McLaughlin. Tucker says’ Indian sounds actually spread inside gradually’ .Initially he just gave his ears to those sounds for a just-sake of hearing. But later the approach changed, the life changed and the music made him come down to India and stay here. Also he had undergone classical training under Hariprasad Chaurasia in 2011 to 2012. 
The man is not gonna sit online always, he is geared up for associating with a feature film as the composer. No doubt the movie ‘Orey Nyabagam’ would have amazingly crafted music recipes. 

Let’s hear some of his tracks :