Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Unique Website Xperience !

Businesses are pushing themselves to be online –
                                                           Whatever the product is?
                                                           Whatever the Industry is?
                                                           Whatever the size or price is?

                                                                                                                  – And it is not just being online, now things have been changed to an extent, where website should take the customer along with it, especially when the website’s role is into branding. The degree of interactivity would be the only factor which holds a customer’s cursor on screen if he or she is not brand loyal.
So in this post I’m gonna tell you about a website which robbed my heart. . Let me make it clear I’m not trying to boost any product in this post and I’m not a fan of Tata Aria. I just want to share the UX (User experience Design) presentation of a product through this website which is absolutely awesome.   So let’s start, right?
Log on to

So now you could see the page with dual tone dark black shades which actually pushes the product to your eyes. It won’t be wrong, if I say that the Aria in the webpage is manlier and audacious compared to the real. The page is ample with no heavy texts no image flows no jerks, pretty decent and suiting for a premium product. Decent like almost all other premium cars’ webpage!

Click on the “Experience it Now” at the left side

Now a Mobile Phone pops up on your  screen and guides you further. Right?

Log on to from your smart phone. Got the below page right?

Refer to the webpage on your computer and see the code mentioned there

Enter the code in the field available on your mobile screen and now your phone is transformed into a joy stick. Wow!!

Drive the Aria on your computer screen using your mobile phone. The team behind as brilliantly executed this to make the netizen understand the fortes of the product like 4 wheel drive , automatic light sensing etc. So that is a website which  does its job brilliantly right? 
I wonder why gaming websites are not taking the thread !!

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  1. That is Cool.

    I wish I could see more such steps online :)