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How to set up Custom Alert in Google Analytics?

 Marketers around the world had already started slicing the piles of big data for customer intelligence and other marketing purposes. The data around us is gigantic and we should be on toes to absorb insights from the same. So how people are missing something like Google Custom alert when it comes to web analytics?. I wonder when I realized that Google custom report is the one option in the tool which has been used to a lower extend when compared to all other drop downs and tabs.  Custom alerts in Google Analytics gives the user a reminder or a message when something negative or positive happened to the website’s patters. So he or she doesn’t need to log in all the time and dig out for knowing what happened bad or good. A user can define the threshold levels for an alert and it goes so important in a business scenario when you are getting informed abruptly when something happened which needs your attention.

How to set up an Alert in Google Analytics (GA) ?

1. Go to 'Reporting' tab.
2. Select 'Intelligence Events' from the left menu and then 'Overview' from the drop down
3. Select 'Custom Alerts' from the tab that appears
4.Select 'Manage custom alerts' and then click on 'Create new custom alerts'
5. Give any name in the name field.
6. Assign the period you want to trigger the Alert  (day, week or month)
7. If you want to get an email notification when the Alert triggers, you should check the box for email. Also you can configure your mobile phone number to get text notification. The text message notification  facility is only for US as if now.
Alert Conditions:
8.  Select the required dimension from ' This applies to'. You can give 'All traffic' if you want to check the overall bounce rate
9.  Select 'Bounce Rate' from the metric drop down: 'Alert me when' (Here, Bounce Rate has taken  as an example)
10. Select the condition as ' Is greater than '
11. Give the percentage in value field ( Example:  0.65 for 65%)
12. Save the alert and you are done.

(Any time, you can edit the alert that you set up by clicking on the alert name on the custom alert page)

 Note: If your site experiences seasonality shifts in traffic or has ranges that vary by the day of the week, the Compared to field allows you to account for that with choices that include "same day in the previous week" and "same day in the previous year."


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