Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sachin ! what we will do?

It was obvious that one day would come and the man would go away from the crease. It is obvious that nobody can keep the momentum of performance to a stretched period   and it is obvious that a man like Tendulkar could only bend the time and make it walk behind him or at least along with him.  

It would be  just a shocking news for all cricket lovers  on the globe  when Sachin churned out the decision of quitting  but for the 90’s Indian generation  it is not just a shocking news , it is not even a news but a very personal loss.  We – the 90’s generation or the late 80’s generation do not know cricket with out that man. We never thought of a blue bleeding team without a mentor god.  We are the people who write “Sachin” at the first column even if we are asked to write the Indian players’ name in alphabetic order.  I do remember the days when we groped the bundle of cricket bats from the shop to get the MRF sticker one. It was sad to go to school or college when the game is there. We couldn't   have the courage to write “to see Tendulkar’s innings” against the reason in the leave letter book otherwise we would have bunked the classes like anything. Yes we have done it often, but not as the number of centuries Tendulkar has in his kitty.

 Pressing the power button on the TV or switching the channel was such a ‘mandatory’ task for all cricket viewers (at least for me) if Sachin got out. A great man who sailed more than 2 decades collecting memories and giving memories never give up the trust, love , passion and respect for the game. The big shark was always away from the luring parties or trapping money games inside.  No wordy fights, no black marks, nothing other than Cricket.  

Sachin! , You might have played bad, we might have discussed about your retirement but we never wanted you to throw down the throne abruptly. This was sudden and we are sorry as we couldn't bid a bye in a most dignified manner. You took a time when the whole India is disturbed and the youth is busy with another great move.

 The man was there with his bat from the days I could remember, we could remember and he has been standing beside us with the same bat for such a long period and now the tough time has knocked us showing an ODI scorecard without Sachin.  Will miss you man, and tell us what we do with a bat, a ball, 6 stumps and 2 bails without you?

Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 N' The way we Googled

2012 is getting ready to bid a bye. For almost all it would be just a year that rolls out every December. But we do enjoy looking back and it is pure bliss when we dust out last year happenings at least for the search engine queries that our fingers had typed.  Time has come and the Google giant has updated the zeitgeist page for twenty twelve.  The last fold is here and a deep breath wont shuffle all the 2012 ‘events’ before our eyes or mind. January might have smiled followed by lot of grieves , anxieties , thrills, joy , knowledge, branding.... the list is Everest . Google search history for the year 2012 bites a different piece here. Teeth are sharp, and the same could cook a clear picture how India Googled.
When the over whole searches are concerned, IBPS (Institute of Banking personnel selection) is the keyword which India searched the most. That is something new and made us ‘exam conscious’.  Spice is always there as Sunny leone took the third position just after the keyword- GATE exams. The slab of first 10 searches made space for the low cost government pushed tablet, Akash  along with India’s “First and Original superstar”  Mr.Rajesh Khanna. The other keywords are  Poonam Pandey,  Rowdy Rathore  Ektha Tiger , HDFC and Jabong. The table below illustrates the widely searched words for the year 2012 under the pertained category

Sunny Leone
Ek tha Tiger
Gate Exams
Rajesh Khanna
Rowdy Rathore
Sunny Leone
Poonam Pandey
Jannat 2
Yamuna Express Highyway
Taj mahal
Freedom Park Bangalore
Wagah border

Source: Google Zeitgeist