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I ‘am not a congress man, I ‘am not a person who keeps lotus in palm, I ‘am not inclined to red even. Making it clear, I should say I ‘am least biased to any of the alive parties on strike right now. People believe in democracy and I love to be in the same subset. Politics is an unavoidable space in our lives and if our country has myriad people whether from the youth side or middle age,who keep themselves away from politics, then that is purely absurd. Logic won’t embrace when people do that in a country where sun rises and sets based on politics. If we started hating politics putting reasons like corruption, illegal manipulation and inner drama for power, everybody or at least a major pie of the population would be coming under the same shades. The shades of illegalities!  If moving away from the ballet box without putting the votes is the revenge people take , then I don’t think  even  god could find a difference between a fake politician and a citizen who makes fake like th