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When books reach each hut...

N ow the right to education act has got life. The Supreme Court underlined the need of RTE (right to education) and the reservation of 25% of the seats for poor children without taking their other back grounds in account. The apex court has given wings for the 2005-born act to fly and make the class room opened for the underprivileged young buds of the country. It is known that around eight million children between the ages 6-14 are unable to access education. There could be many reasons, but among the vague it is clear that money plays the villain role in zillion cases. Our education system still holds many obsolete laws and norms and at the same time the system is getting revolutionary add-on like RTE, which is absolutely fair.  Frame work for reservations had done brilliant jobs for the lower casts by uplifting their educational status and many related traits. But the same frame work had transformed into a confusing web when authority started manipulating the frame for t