Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My macho Boss

  It was raining and I somehow managed to board the exact bus from the bus station. Going anywhere in a rainy day is a bit horrible and how if the 'go' is for a job entry. I was going to join Kamando systems, an electronic firm at Cochin. I got soaked in the rain and the real look shown in the well furnished fabrication glass put me in fuss. All were keen and pleasing and they hardly asked me about my 'washed look'. After inking some of the official papers I moved to a good looking woman, actually I was asked to go there. The smile by that gorgeous woman made me know that she had two black teeth unlike others. The gap in the ‘army’ of teeth, made her look odd. I don’t want to change my feel-she was beautiful. She checked my certificates while I was checking a funky paper weight on her table. It was a glass mould and inside that a small naked man’s sculpture was stuffed. I was looking at the ‘stuff’ and suddenly she grabbed it from my hand as I was supposed to lift. The then smiled face was later a bit serious and hard. I don’t know whether the reason was the paper weight.

My work at that table was completed and I moved to Mr. Dominic Zaru. He was the Asst. Personal Officer then and was very helpful. His chain-attached spectacles and long hairs with dark colour provided enough differentiation to the personality. He was looking like a college professor cum writer cum film crafter. His talking made me feel like he would be a knowledgeable person. Anyway my guess was right and he was a heavy stuff- a tiny search engine. He let me know about the company and the manufacturing processers. To see the brochures and the images of different product levels was nice and I enjoyed that. He was telling me about the nuke and corner of the company before my meeting with the production floor manager.

The production manager’s cabin was very lousy and I think it was the most awkward cabin at Kamando. The distorted pile of files around his chair makes the ‘grace’. He was like a fish which is peeping out from a dirty pond. He greeted me and offered me a seat. When he saw me pulling my shirt’s collars out, he turned on the air cooler which was fixed near to him. I had never seen such a small and oblique air-cooler in my life and it was just like a water heating kettle. He talked a lot and after 45 minutes we both came out of the ‘cave’ and I was feeling like heaven. ‘My production manager is looking so handsome and smart’- after coming out from that space called cabin only, I could see his face properly. Again I am bold enough to guess that he would have felt the same thing about me. We both made a small walk around the plant and the whole floor was busy making heavy machinery circuits. PLCs were running through the production line and it was nice to see those real making. It was like that I was seeing my electronic-text books’ pages are running in front of me.

The first day was consumed, talking with Mr. Surendra lagya, the same smart-handsome production floor manager. It was nice to spend time with that guy. He is an engineering graduate from a private engineering college and an IIM A alumnus. So minimum respect was always ready- loaded in my gun. My seat was near to his cabin. Somehow god saved me by not putting inside his cabin. I started working for the first time in my life and I was struggling hard to understand the gimmicks of production plan and all related strategies. All such words were literally alien to me and they all were hovering like anything around my chair and table. My computer was so old and didn’t have the power to bear even a .pdf extension.

Days dragged and I started moving into the production floor. It was nice to talk to different people working at the floor and I was curious to see the manufacturing. From my production floor session it was clear that my Boss was very strict and eighty percentage of the workers had wrinkles at the temple for that reason. The lady at the corner who did work on machine 206D2 said to me one day-“who said you that he (boss) is very good in work? He only knows to shout at us and talk to girls.”
She might have said out of her anger, but the usage “girls” put a shot in my head. I was thinking of that, as the youth inside me got awake and I don’t know whatever things were activated along with that. May be the reality popped out from my bottom layer of heart. The reality is nothing but- I am a person who got dumped by three beautiful girls. Obviously I should be jealous rt?  To a man who was on his 47th year on the mother earth ( or even more). How could I beer? Sorry bear?

Days again moved before me and I was a bit confident about the work and the freshness made me work in full pace. Those days, I was noticing my boss closely. I got a lot of chances to see his free time. He was very nice to me and treated me like a friend-not an entry level flap. I visited his home 3-4 times and I was like a family friend in no time. His child Arinud, a 6 year old boy was the first person on this globe who called me ‘uncle’. It was heavy for my age and without my brain’s knowledge my face showed the embarrassment. It was my ‘Mrs. Boss’ who scanned my face and corrected the new generation at her home. I really thanked from my heart when the kid stopped calling me ‘uncle’. Within one month I got bored with my work and only interesting thing was the cricket that I used to play with 6 year old Anirud. I was the winner in all the matches and you could say that this was the reason. I am not cooking my cricketing skill here.

A teenager or even a 20 to 30 year old man talking over phone all the time doesn’t show off an odd picture. But what would be the scene if a person much elder than the ‘specifications’ does the same, that too a family man sitting on a heavy responsible chair. My mind again got into a hectic session. The comments that I had got from others about my boss was getting clearer. Tats true: My boss is spending a lot of time on phone. He didn’t feel any hesitation for talking over phone in front of others. He was feeling so casual and sometimes I had seen romance on his face. That was funny but disgusting when I thought of his wife.

At least twice a week I was going along with him to his home after work and we had a couple of badminton-sets from his home. Then I would move to my rented home which was a furlong away. Whenever I went there my guilt feel rose. I was feeling to say about my boss’s romantic dials to his better half. But “how?”  This was a million dollar stuff for me that time. I was feeling like doing something bad to that family, especially to that poor lady. She was not a good looking lady and I was groping reasons like that to ‘convince’ myself about my boss’s romantic behavior. One day I was feeling so disturbed when he gave the car to me and he started talking sitting at the back.  My consciousness was torching on his talks, rather than road and vehicles that ran opposite. I was able to hear a girl’s voice during the call. My doubt was that whether the man was talking to the same girl or not. That was the actual start of my investigation and actually I was poking the investigator in me. He never touched his phone from home and he was just an ‘uxorious hubby’. It was really heart cracking when I could see his acting as a family man before his loving wife and child.

I have heard that, when in love even a soldier on war would search for flowers. Yes I have seen him sitting in the scrap godown during the lunch break. That was the place where all did hide and smoke- the smoking zone. When I saw him along with my friends, he just came out without winding up the call, shaking his head for my kowtowing ‘Good afternoon’.

“How this guy could be an efficient manager?” I was crunching this Q since I heard from the GM that the man had been doing a fabulous job and was doing the same. I could also feel the same from the work that I was getting from him and his style. But his parallel personalities were awfully bad for me. Among the workers there were many stories about the girl to whom he was talking throughout the game. It might be manipulated or true. I had been waiting for a chance to check his phone and I didn’t want to wait a long. The day he missed his phone on the table while going for a board meeting, I took the phone and checked the log. Last call duration was only 2 minutes. I didn’t give up and I looked into the call lists. I was grinning seeing the result. There were a lot of missed calls and dialed numbers. Majority were a number titled ‘D’. I kept the phone as it is, loading the number in mind. The amorous man came back after some time and started the call again. He did look at the laptop, he did write reports, he signed checking the entire context, and he did all job along with the calls without any mistakes. For that we all were praising him. Many a times my leave applications were blocked by him, seeing the ‘consistent’ reasons that I had been mentioned. Even the generated reports by me were corrected by him, holding the phone between the head and shoulder.

Every day when I went his home I tried to say this to his wife and I was groping for a chance or a tiny spell for the same. A few days passed waste. I couldn’t get a chance to share the matter which is damn serious when the whole family was concerned. I was tensed to the peak and nervous thinking the scene- sharing of the ugly truth. The only and weak proof I had was the number and I was damn sure about the number. I was damn sure that the ‘D’ number was the one he did call like anything. For that I trusted my research and time I spent on it.

Somehow the golden chance came at my hands. The day I got the lady alone and it was at a birthday function. The function was for one of the staff’s child. I was ready to make that fabulous night the worst for her with the hefty emotional information inside. I remember the scene, it was the kitchen of that home and she was just filling the tumblers with some drinks.  I just headed her saying one fabricated ‘hi”. And I don’t remember how I started saying and completed the ‘speech’. After hearing my single stretched -one man show she made her face serious and with the same dark face, she asked me to dial the number. I was fumbling literally and I started scrolling down the screen to get the number. Dialed and it was ringing. I was blacked out and didn’t know what I would speak.  When I started calling the number, she started laughing and I couldn’t’ figure out the reason initially.
Again I dialed the same number and a strange thing happened making my eyes bulged. It is her number that rings….
Again I was out, let me say blacked out. Now I am on a hat-trick. Right?
Jai love, Jai romance.  My macho romantic boss!! Hats off….

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