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My macho Boss

 genre:ss     I t was raining and I somehow managed to board the exact bus from the bus station. Going anywhere in a rainy day is a bit horrible and how if the 'go' is for a job entry. I was going to join Kamando systems, an electronic firm at Cochin. I got soaked in the rain and the real look shown in the well furnished fabrication glass put me in fuss. All were keen and pleasing and they hardly asked me about my 'washed look'. After inking some of the official papers I moved to a good looking woman, actually I was asked to go there. The smile by that gorgeous woman made me know that she had two black teeth unlike others. The gap in the ‘army’ of teeth, made her look odd. I don’t want to change my feel-she was beautiful. She checked my certificates while I was checking a funky paper weight on her table. It was a glass mould and inside that a small naked man’s sculpture was stuffed. I was looking at the ‘stuff’ and suddenly she grabbed it from my hand as I was suppose