Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sachin ! what we will do?

It was obvious that one day would come and the man would go away from the crease. It is obvious that nobody can keep the momentum of performance to a stretched period   and it is obvious that a man like Tendulkar could only bend the time and make it walk behind him or at least along with him.  

It would be  just a shocking news for all cricket lovers  on the globe  when Sachin churned out the decision of quitting  but for the 90’s Indian generation  it is not just a shocking news , it is not even a news but a very personal loss.  We – the 90’s generation or the late 80’s generation do not know cricket with out that man. We never thought of a blue bleeding team without a mentor god.  We are the people who write “Sachin” at the first column even if we are asked to write the Indian players’ name in alphabetic order.  I do remember the days when we groped the bundle of cricket bats from the shop to get the MRF sticker one. It was sad to go to school or college when the game is there. We couldn't   have the courage to write “to see Tendulkar’s innings” against the reason in the leave letter book otherwise we would have bunked the classes like anything. Yes we have done it often, but not as the number of centuries Tendulkar has in his kitty.

 Pressing the power button on the TV or switching the channel was such a ‘mandatory’ task for all cricket viewers (at least for me) if Sachin got out. A great man who sailed more than 2 decades collecting memories and giving memories never give up the trust, love , passion and respect for the game. The big shark was always away from the luring parties or trapping money games inside.  No wordy fights, no black marks, nothing other than Cricket.  

Sachin! , You might have played bad, we might have discussed about your retirement but we never wanted you to throw down the throne abruptly. This was sudden and we are sorry as we couldn't bid a bye in a most dignified manner. You took a time when the whole India is disturbed and the youth is busy with another great move.

 The man was there with his bat from the days I could remember, we could remember and he has been standing beside us with the same bat for such a long period and now the tough time has knocked us showing an ODI scorecard without Sachin.  Will miss you man, and tell us what we do with a bat, a ball, 6 stumps and 2 bails without you?

Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 N' The way we Googled

2012 is getting ready to bid a bye. For almost all it would be just a year that rolls out every December. But we do enjoy looking back and it is pure bliss when we dust out last year happenings at least for the search engine queries that our fingers had typed.  Time has come and the Google giant has updated the zeitgeist page for twenty twelve.  The last fold is here and a deep breath wont shuffle all the 2012 ‘events’ before our eyes or mind. January might have smiled followed by lot of grieves , anxieties , thrills, joy , knowledge, branding.... the list is Everest . Google search history for the year 2012 bites a different piece here. Teeth are sharp, and the same could cook a clear picture how India Googled.
When the over whole searches are concerned, IBPS (Institute of Banking personnel selection) is the keyword which India searched the most. That is something new and made us ‘exam conscious’.  Spice is always there as Sunny leone took the third position just after the keyword- GATE exams. The slab of first 10 searches made space for the low cost government pushed tablet, Akash  along with India’s “First and Original superstar”  Mr.Rajesh Khanna. The other keywords are  Poonam Pandey,  Rowdy Rathore  Ektha Tiger , HDFC and Jabong. The table below illustrates the widely searched words for the year 2012 under the pertained category

Sunny Leone
Ek tha Tiger
Gate Exams
Rajesh Khanna
Rowdy Rathore
Sunny Leone
Poonam Pandey
Jannat 2
Yamuna Express Highyway
Taj mahal
Freedom Park Bangalore
Wagah border

Source: Google Zeitgeist 

Sunday, September 30, 2012


I ‘am not a congress man, I ‘am not a person who keeps lotus in palm, I ‘am not inclined to red even. Making it clear, I should say I ‘am least biased to any of the alive parties on strike right now. People believe in democracy and I love to be in the same subset. Politics is an unavoidable space in our lives and if our country has myriad people whether from the youth side or middle age,who keep themselves away from politics, then that is purely absurd. Logic won’t embrace when people do that in a country where sun rises and sets based on politics. If we started hating politics putting reasons like corruption, illegal manipulation and inner drama for power, everybody or at least a major pie of the population would be coming under the same shades. The shades of illegalities!  If moving away from the ballet box without putting the votes is the revenge people take , then I don’t think  even  god could find a difference between a fake politician and a citizen who makes fake like that.  Thrashing allegations and throwing hard stones might be a part of politics, Indian politics. But when I do see lot of posts and spreads through Social Medias against Mr.Manmohan Singh, I personally feel like those posts cross limits and don’t have life. We can protest, when that is our right but it doesn't mean anything could be done putting any odds over the web. We could not see Mr. Singh as just an astute economist, but he is a man who kicked start a bundle of reforms which made our country come out from the death bed.  He is the man who opened up the economy for getting rid of the stagnated stinking financial deficits. The deficits and the balance of payments had made Indian health the weakest. The controlled economy opening had lured many eyes abroad and the same was endorsing industry like Information Technology and banking.  India had travelled a long way from the year of 1991 to 2012 even though the financial state is not that stable right now (2012). Internal dirty reasons along with overwhelmed international vibrations had made huge jerk in Indian economy, not a man with turban on his head. 

If Mr.Singh is the only reason for all slips and troubles India faces right now, then he should be the sole responsible for all the goodies listed below.
The goodies caused by 1991 financial reforms

Rural health mission
Right to Information acts
Returns from Globalization
Unique Identification Authority of India
National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
Right to Information, which brought out many corruption stories (which could be the jewel among all) 
The Growth we had, etc

Name of Award or Honour
Awarding Organisation
World Statesman Award
Appeal of Conscience Foundation
Top 100 Influential People in the World
Outstanding Parliamentarian Award
Indian Parliamentary Group
Annasaheb Chirmule Award
Annasaheb Chirmule Trust
H.H. Kanchi Sri Paramacharya Award for Excellence
Shri R. Venkataraman, The Centenarian Trust
Fellow of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi
National Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Lokmanya Tilak Award
Tilak Smarak Trust, Pune
Justice K.S. Hegde Foundation Award
Justice K.S. Hegde Foundation
Nikkei Asia prize for Regional Growth
Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc.
Honorary Professorship
Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi
Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Award (1994–95)
Indian Science Congress Association
Finance Minister of the Year
Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Award (1994–95)
Indian Science Congress Association
Elected Distinguished Fellow of the London School of Economics
London School of Economics, Centre for Asia Economy, Politics and Society
Elected Honorary Fellow, Nuffield College
Nuffield College, University of Oxford, Oxford, U.K.
Elected Distinguished Fellow of the London School of Economics
London School of Economics, Centre for Asia Economy, Politics and Society
Elected Honorary Fellow of the All India Management Association
All India Management Association
Finance Minister of the Year
Finance Minister of the Year
Padma Vibhushan
President of India
Elected National Fellow, National Institute of Education
National Institute of Education
Elected President of the Indian Economic Association
Indian Economic Association
Elected Honorary Fellow, St. John's College
St John's College, Cambridge
Elected Honorary Fellow, Indian Institute of Bankers
Indian Institute of Bankers
Honorary Professorship
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Elected Wrenbury Scholar
University of Cambridge, U.K.
Adam Smith Prize
University of Cambridge, U.K.
Wright Prize for Distinguished Performance
St. John’s College, Cambridge, U.K.
Uttar Chand Kapur Medal, for standing first in M.A. (Economics)
Panjab University, Chandigarh{Was then in Hoshiarpur,Punjab}
University Medal for standing first in B.A. (Honors Economics)
Panjab University, Chandigarh
As I do respect him and I do have clear vision on what he did for the country , I have written this. (God promise-  I didn't get any monetary benefit from Mr.Manmohan -   He is not my Uncle J  )
He is a man who got trapped 

Friday, June 15, 2012

IPO and the Face !

I still remember the question that I was asked by one of my young friend cum relative. I was asked what type of software is IPO and I was dazed a bit and I kicked my brain to decode the word IPO thinking the same would be some new age technology that hit the market recently. Then abruptly the ‘financial inflows’ happened and my mind kicked start- Initial Public Offer. To a school going boy, it is hard to explain the ample financial aspects fully. Anyway I wore the lecture gown and started.  I was keen to start talking about companies’ valuation and I tried lightly taking simple or you could say silly examples.  He was educated well regarding the valuation when I explained that every company should undergo a valuation process when the company is going public. So Facebook also went through the same pipe line and they were tagged with a value of 100 billion dollars. My little friend caught the word ‘public’ which I was expecting. Public is nothing getting out of the shell and using public’s money for the company’s drive.  It is done for raising the fund and for the same the public company should trade in a market. The explanation I made was hefty to make that guy understand. Our talk went long and when the guy was throwing a lot of questions I started thinking on many aspects. My mind went to many routes letting many confusions to board my mind. What made Facebook to win such a huge value? Is it really worth?  -Zillion questions poured in.  Normally a brick and mortar company is valued according to the asset the company has. It took a while for me to connect the words ‘asset’ and ‘Facebook’.

 Initially I was unable to understand what asset Facebook as an organization has and we could say the number of netizens those who are into Facebook are their asset. But how millions of users piled these much for value for a web-based company? Is it a reliable metric to deal for valuing a firm? Someone can easily make eyes wet thinking of Google’s Orkut.
Even though Orkut had good presence only in India and Brazil, they were unable to stop the user- erosion at least in these countries. So putting light on the future of Facebook, it is hard to digest the value it had in the NASDAQ. The reflections are pretty visible as the valuation put a reverse gear to 80billion dollars and the stock price is also rolling down. A spell of a few years should be taken in account when a company is valued and in the case of a web based firm the life is uncertain. Any sand can be a rock tomorrow. If another social media website came in which people feel better than Facebook, that would definitely replace Facebook and all the users including me and you would leap into the new one.
  In spite of these tough roads, Facebook is facing law suits from shareholders accusing that Facebook is disclosing selected documents and Facebook tries to lower their revenue forecast. It was also disgusting that, the so called ‘technical error’ at NASDAQ on a Friday during the Facebook trade left some of the shareholders with loss. As a conclusion I am forced to drag the same sentence that has been often seen on web pages which talk about Facebook IPO- something went wrong!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

When books reach each hut...

Now the right to education act has got life. The Supreme Court underlined the need of RTE (right to education) and the reservation of 25% of the seats for poor children without taking their other back grounds in account. The apex court has given wings for the 2005-born act to fly and make the class room opened for the underprivileged young buds of the country. It is known that around eight million children between the ages 6-14 are unable to access education. There could be many reasons, but among the vague it is clear that money plays the villain role in zillion cases. Our education system still holds many obsolete laws and norms and at the same time the system is getting revolutionary add-on like RTE, which is absolutely fair. 

Frame work for reservations had done brilliant jobs for the lower casts by uplifting their educational status and many related traits. But the same frame work had transformed into a confusing web when authority started manipulating the frame for their own needs. The Supreme Court endorsement for the act has shown the way to nation building on a strong and vital foundation-the education. The first act which came into force through a speech by Prime Minister may face lot of challenges during implementation. The same had won the court battle against a few such challenges, but still the motion happens. The some of the hefty challenges would be lack of teaching staffs, lack of schools under the arm of government and also lack of infrastructure in the schools which is undertaken by government. 

As education comes under the purview of states, it won’t be an easy task for the central to fix the nuts and bolts. The raising of fund for the purpose is another important matter. The Hindu reports that for implementing RTE within five years, the government needs four lakh crore Indian rupees. That is a huge amount and let us hope the often heard phrase “economy blooms” would help the authority to find the fund. The special treat for all the states is that the centre government has agreed for a ratio of 65% to 35% i.e. central would take care of 65% of the total investment. The need of one million teachers and the facilitation to train those in-numerous teachers also would seek a herculean task from the authority. Those things should happen shortly for a fully polished RTE, but still the system could provide a large sum of poor children with basic education utilizing the government and other private schools. The ambit of law had covered all schools except private institutions undertaken by minority. The exceptions at this stage only help to turn the scene fishy.

 Even though the Article 21A of the Indian constitution makes our country among the list of 135 countries on the globe for making education as one of the fundamental rights, the quality of the education for those reserved category still sticks on a question mark. The careful steps by the government and association with private arms would help to improve the quality to a great extend. We all have been hearing that India is a young county flooded with lot of talents. That may be true, but India can’t be young all the time and time rolls. We should ensure that our kids-the future of our land are being treated well, with all facilities and environment that nourishes thus keeping India young and talented.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My macho Boss

  It was raining and I somehow managed to board the exact bus from the bus station. Going anywhere in a rainy day is a bit horrible and how if the 'go' is for a job entry. I was going to join Kamando systems, an electronic firm at Cochin. I got soaked in the rain and the real look shown in the well furnished fabrication glass put me in fuss. All were keen and pleasing and they hardly asked me about my 'washed look'. After inking some of the official papers I moved to a good looking woman, actually I was asked to go there. The smile by that gorgeous woman made me know that she had two black teeth unlike others. The gap in the ‘army’ of teeth, made her look odd. I don’t want to change my feel-she was beautiful. She checked my certificates while I was checking a funky paper weight on her table. It was a glass mould and inside that a small naked man’s sculpture was stuffed. I was looking at the ‘stuff’ and suddenly she grabbed it from my hand as I was supposed to lift. The then smiled face was later a bit serious and hard. I don’t know whether the reason was the paper weight.

My work at that table was completed and I moved to Mr. Dominic Zaru. He was the Asst. Personal Officer then and was very helpful. His chain-attached spectacles and long hairs with dark colour provided enough differentiation to the personality. He was looking like a college professor cum writer cum film crafter. His talking made me feel like he would be a knowledgeable person. Anyway my guess was right and he was a heavy stuff- a tiny search engine. He let me know about the company and the manufacturing processers. To see the brochures and the images of different product levels was nice and I enjoyed that. He was telling me about the nuke and corner of the company before my meeting with the production floor manager.

The production manager’s cabin was very lousy and I think it was the most awkward cabin at Kamando. The distorted pile of files around his chair makes the ‘grace’. He was like a fish which is peeping out from a dirty pond. He greeted me and offered me a seat. When he saw me pulling my shirt’s collars out, he turned on the air cooler which was fixed near to him. I had never seen such a small and oblique air-cooler in my life and it was just like a water heating kettle. He talked a lot and after 45 minutes we both came out of the ‘cave’ and I was feeling like heaven. ‘My production manager is looking so handsome and smart’- after coming out from that space called cabin only, I could see his face properly. Again I am bold enough to guess that he would have felt the same thing about me. We both made a small walk around the plant and the whole floor was busy making heavy machinery circuits. PLCs were running through the production line and it was nice to see those real making. It was like that I was seeing my electronic-text books’ pages are running in front of me.

The first day was consumed, talking with Mr. Surendra lagya, the same smart-handsome production floor manager. It was nice to spend time with that guy. He is an engineering graduate from a private engineering college and an IIM A alumnus. So minimum respect was always ready- loaded in my gun. My seat was near to his cabin. Somehow god saved me by not putting inside his cabin. I started working for the first time in my life and I was struggling hard to understand the gimmicks of production plan and all related strategies. All such words were literally alien to me and they all were hovering like anything around my chair and table. My computer was so old and didn’t have the power to bear even a .pdf extension.

Days dragged and I started moving into the production floor. It was nice to talk to different people working at the floor and I was curious to see the manufacturing. From my production floor session it was clear that my Boss was very strict and eighty percentage of the workers had wrinkles at the temple for that reason. The lady at the corner who did work on machine 206D2 said to me one day-“who said you that he (boss) is very good in work? He only knows to shout at us and talk to girls.”
She might have said out of her anger, but the usage “girls” put a shot in my head. I was thinking of that, as the youth inside me got awake and I don’t know whatever things were activated along with that. May be the reality popped out from my bottom layer of heart. The reality is nothing but- I am a person who got dumped by three beautiful girls. Obviously I should be jealous rt?  To a man who was on his 47th year on the mother earth ( or even more). How could I beer? Sorry bear?

Days again moved before me and I was a bit confident about the work and the freshness made me work in full pace. Those days, I was noticing my boss closely. I got a lot of chances to see his free time. He was very nice to me and treated me like a friend-not an entry level flap. I visited his home 3-4 times and I was like a family friend in no time. His child Arinud, a 6 year old boy was the first person on this globe who called me ‘uncle’. It was heavy for my age and without my brain’s knowledge my face showed the embarrassment. It was my ‘Mrs. Boss’ who scanned my face and corrected the new generation at her home. I really thanked from my heart when the kid stopped calling me ‘uncle’. Within one month I got bored with my work and only interesting thing was the cricket that I used to play with 6 year old Anirud. I was the winner in all the matches and you could say that this was the reason. I am not cooking my cricketing skill here.

A teenager or even a 20 to 30 year old man talking over phone all the time doesn’t show off an odd picture. But what would be the scene if a person much elder than the ‘specifications’ does the same, that too a family man sitting on a heavy responsible chair. My mind again got into a hectic session. The comments that I had got from others about my boss was getting clearer. Tats true: My boss is spending a lot of time on phone. He didn’t feel any hesitation for talking over phone in front of others. He was feeling so casual and sometimes I had seen romance on his face. That was funny but disgusting when I thought of his wife.

At least twice a week I was going along with him to his home after work and we had a couple of badminton-sets from his home. Then I would move to my rented home which was a furlong away. Whenever I went there my guilt feel rose. I was feeling to say about my boss’s romantic dials to his better half. But “how?”  This was a million dollar stuff for me that time. I was feeling like doing something bad to that family, especially to that poor lady. She was not a good looking lady and I was groping reasons like that to ‘convince’ myself about my boss’s romantic behavior. One day I was feeling so disturbed when he gave the car to me and he started talking sitting at the back.  My consciousness was torching on his talks, rather than road and vehicles that ran opposite. I was able to hear a girl’s voice during the call. My doubt was that whether the man was talking to the same girl or not. That was the actual start of my investigation and actually I was poking the investigator in me. He never touched his phone from home and he was just an ‘uxorious hubby’. It was really heart cracking when I could see his acting as a family man before his loving wife and child.

I have heard that, when in love even a soldier on war would search for flowers. Yes I have seen him sitting in the scrap godown during the lunch break. That was the place where all did hide and smoke- the smoking zone. When I saw him along with my friends, he just came out without winding up the call, shaking his head for my kowtowing ‘Good afternoon’.

“How this guy could be an efficient manager?” I was crunching this Q since I heard from the GM that the man had been doing a fabulous job and was doing the same. I could also feel the same from the work that I was getting from him and his style. But his parallel personalities were awfully bad for me. Among the workers there were many stories about the girl to whom he was talking throughout the game. It might be manipulated or true. I had been waiting for a chance to check his phone and I didn’t want to wait a long. The day he missed his phone on the table while going for a board meeting, I took the phone and checked the log. Last call duration was only 2 minutes. I didn’t give up and I looked into the call lists. I was grinning seeing the result. There were a lot of missed calls and dialed numbers. Majority were a number titled ‘D’. I kept the phone as it is, loading the number in mind. The amorous man came back after some time and started the call again. He did look at the laptop, he did write reports, he signed checking the entire context, and he did all job along with the calls without any mistakes. For that we all were praising him. Many a times my leave applications were blocked by him, seeing the ‘consistent’ reasons that I had been mentioned. Even the generated reports by me were corrected by him, holding the phone between the head and shoulder.

Every day when I went his home I tried to say this to his wife and I was groping for a chance or a tiny spell for the same. A few days passed waste. I couldn’t get a chance to share the matter which is damn serious when the whole family was concerned. I was tensed to the peak and nervous thinking the scene- sharing of the ugly truth. The only and weak proof I had was the number and I was damn sure about the number. I was damn sure that the ‘D’ number was the one he did call like anything. For that I trusted my research and time I spent on it.

Somehow the golden chance came at my hands. The day I got the lady alone and it was at a birthday function. The function was for one of the staff’s child. I was ready to make that fabulous night the worst for her with the hefty emotional information inside. I remember the scene, it was the kitchen of that home and she was just filling the tumblers with some drinks.  I just headed her saying one fabricated ‘hi”. And I don’t remember how I started saying and completed the ‘speech’. After hearing my single stretched -one man show she made her face serious and with the same dark face, she asked me to dial the number. I was fumbling literally and I started scrolling down the screen to get the number. Dialed and it was ringing. I was blacked out and didn’t know what I would speak.  When I started calling the number, she started laughing and I couldn’t’ figure out the reason initially.
Again I dialed the same number and a strange thing happened making my eyes bulged. It is her number that rings….
Again I was out, let me say blacked out. Now I am on a hat-trick. Right?
Jai love, Jai romance.  My macho romantic boss!! Hats off….