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Sachin ! what we will do?

I t was obvious that one day would come and the man would go away from the crease. It is obvious that nobody can keep the momentum of performance to a stretched period   and it is obvious that a man like Tendulkar could only bend the time and make it walk behind him or at least along with him.   It would be  just a shocking news for all cricket lovers  on the globe  when Sachin churned out the decision of quitting  but for the 90’s Indian generation  it is not just a shocking news , it is not even a news but a very personal loss.  We – the 90’s generation or the late 80’s generation do not know cricket with out that man. We never thought of a blue bleeding team without a mentor god.  We are the people who write “Sachin” at the first column even if we are asked to write the Indian players’ name in alphabetic order.  I do remember the days when we groped the bundle of cricket bats from the shop to get the MRF sticker one. It was sad to go to school or college when the game is the

2012 N' The way we Googled

2 012 is getting ready to bid a bye. For almost all it would be just a year that rolls out every December. But we do enjoy looking back and it is pure bliss when we dust out last year happenings at least for the search engine queries that our fingers had typed.  Time has come and the Google giant has updated the zeitgeist page for twenty twelve.  The last fold is here and a deep breath wont shuffle all the 2012 ‘events’ before our eyes or mind. January might have smiled followed by lot of grieves , anxieties , thrills, joy , knowledge, branding.... the list is Everest . Google search history for the year 2012 bites a different piece here. Teeth are sharp, and the same could cook a clear picture how India Googled. When the over whole searches are concerned, IBPS (Institute of Banking personnel selection) is the keyword which India searched the most. That is something new and made us ‘exam conscious’.  Spice is always there as Sunny leone took the third position just after th


I ‘am not a congress man, I ‘am not a person who keeps lotus in palm, I ‘am not inclined to red even. Making it clear, I should say I ‘am least biased to any of the alive parties on strike right now. People believe in democracy and I love to be in the same subset. Politics is an unavoidable space in our lives and if our country has myriad people whether from the youth side or middle age,who keep themselves away from politics, then that is purely absurd. Logic won’t embrace when people do that in a country where sun rises and sets based on politics. If we started hating politics putting reasons like corruption, illegal manipulation and inner drama for power, everybody or at least a major pie of the population would be coming under the same shades. The shades of illegalities!  If moving away from the ballet box without putting the votes is the revenge people take , then I don’t think  even  god could find a difference between a fake politician and a citizen who makes fake like th

IPO and the Face !

I still remember the question that I was asked by one of my young friend cum relative. I was asked what type of software is IPO and I was dazed a bit and I kicked my brain to decode the word IPO thinking the same would be some new age technology that hit the market recently. Then abruptly the ‘financial inflows’ happened and my mind kicked start- Initial Public Offer. To a school going boy, it is hard to explain the ample financial aspects fully. Anyway I wore the lecture gown and started.  I was keen to start talking about companies’ valuation and I tried lightly taking simple or you could say silly examples.  He was educated well regarding the valuation when I explained that every company should undergo a valuation process when the company is going public. So Facebook also went through the same pipe line and they were tagged with a value of 100 billion dollars. My little friend caught the word ‘public’ which I was expecting. Public is nothing getting out of the shell and using

When books reach each hut...

N ow the right to education act has got life. The Supreme Court underlined the need of RTE (right to education) and the reservation of 25% of the seats for poor children without taking their other back grounds in account. The apex court has given wings for the 2005-born act to fly and make the class room opened for the underprivileged young buds of the country. It is known that around eight million children between the ages 6-14 are unable to access education. There could be many reasons, but among the vague it is clear that money plays the villain role in zillion cases. Our education system still holds many obsolete laws and norms and at the same time the system is getting revolutionary add-on like RTE, which is absolutely fair.  Frame work for reservations had done brilliant jobs for the lower casts by uplifting their educational status and many related traits. But the same frame work had transformed into a confusing web when authority started manipulating the frame for t

My macho Boss

 genre:ss     I t was raining and I somehow managed to board the exact bus from the bus station. Going anywhere in a rainy day is a bit horrible and how if the 'go' is for a job entry. I was going to join Kamando systems, an electronic firm at Cochin. I got soaked in the rain and the real look shown in the well furnished fabrication glass put me in fuss. All were keen and pleasing and they hardly asked me about my 'washed look'. After inking some of the official papers I moved to a good looking woman, actually I was asked to go there. The smile by that gorgeous woman made me know that she had two black teeth unlike others. The gap in the ‘army’ of teeth, made her look odd. I don’t want to change my feel-she was beautiful. She checked my certificates while I was checking a funky paper weight on her table. It was a glass mould and inside that a small naked man’s sculpture was stuffed. I was looking at the ‘stuff’ and suddenly she grabbed it from my hand as I was suppose