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FDI in retail: will it be on the shore?

F resh things irritate countries, especially a democratic power like India. When government opened the door widely for foreign investments through liberalization, agitations were not less. Slogans were pumped from million mouths.  People were not in a position to digest the tweaked policy.  Even though India was about to get demolished economically and the country was forced to sell 20 tons of gold to IMF (international monetary fund) to expel from the shades of balance of payment crises, pluck-cards and slogans were asking to shut the policy drive. What would have happened, if such a ‘private’ 1991 didn’t happen? If no liberalization, then? It’s absurd to steer the discussion in such a way and it is a fact that many good things were the side products of that economic reforms. The role of change was taking off, and many more reforms have been done by the later governmental systems.  In 2005 the then government loosed the FDI regulations for construction industry by making it 100%. 

Ek Deewana Tha- AAROMALE

The season is good for all music lovers and the season right now is RahmaniC. Heeling the musical blockbuster and Goose-bumps creator inside the cinemas, RockstaR, A.R.Rahman is back again for the Bollywood. Ek Deewana Tha is an upcoming Romantic movie directed by southie Ghatuam vasudev menon. The movie is a remake of his  Tamil flick Vinayihandi varuvaya. This is the second Hindi movie crafted by Ghatuam after REHNA HAI THERE DIL MEIN.  The forte of the album EK DEEWANA THA is the blue genre Malayalam song sung by Malayalam composer Alphons joseph . The song would be a novel taste for Bollywood and will make you sense a Pink Floyd smell... The song is penned by Kaithapram.