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One fine morning you realized that your gender is changed. What would be your reactions?

Even though it is a hypothetical situation, let the day be a Sunday. Only a Sunday can make me survive from such a drastic pond of confusions and daze. I guess I will be free from college or work on a Sunday and thus it would help me to think about the further steps. Emotionally I will be zapped and every single chore or routine will be hard for me to do. I’m sure I won’t be in a situation to understand the changes that happened to me. I would be completely shattered. Let me take a wild guess that I would know after a couple of hours that I’m transformed to a girl. The very next thing that I would do is, checking others.  I should confirm whether the same thing happened to my friends or not. And I believe it would be a universal ‘revolution’ that makes girls from guys and vice-versa. If that is the new world, I will be keen to live as a girl. For many years I have been living a male-life and it would be a chance for me and for all other ‘transformers’ to understand the problems and b