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" Baby tell me" A video with deed making and haunting musical notes

genre : review T oday all most all have a camcorder and if willing any could easily film a video whether it's a short film or other entertainment like albums. The gadgets are immense and easily accessed, but the only and vital problem is the aesthetic drought. I could easily remember the days in which I was even skipping the classes whenever I found a shooting near by. Now the picture has changed a lot  and film or video shooting is a common thing that happens. Let me come to the music album industry. During the inception of this video stream people were giving great importance and looking keenly. Now the same industry is getting a hard slap from its own hands. Numerous naive albums had shattered the goodwill of this blooming entertainment wing especially in the South. For such slaps there must be some exemptions.  So the struggle given by some of the talents to keep the video album industry active and lively  is incomparable.     So I am proud that one such  opulent opus happened


B eing an unsuccessful CAT cracker, I know how complex and hard an entrance test like Common Aptitude Test is. A strong mindset and try should be there to deal this online exam which is conducted by IIMs. Healthy desire and an eye which could see the professional heights are mandatory and obtruding a person to give this exam won’t be a right fair mean.                         Let me come to the say. Mr K.V SUMANTH, son of K.S.Vasuka and M.R .Geetha and an elder brother of Sushant from Bangaluru made such a thing gloriously and confirmed a seat in IIM Indore. Sumanth laid the way to the IIM, one of the name among the  best B-schools on globe by cracking all the common hurdles planted for an IIM aspirant and also the personal limitations. This differently enabled Indian made the success and kissed the glory after his four consecutive CAT attempts. Simply awesome. The high voltage determination that he radiated just made person like me a bit ashamed as we all belongs to the group who just