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                                                 Check out  The Anna Hazare repercussions

Anna hazare repercussions!

N ational Medias are covering the India Against Corruption movement in ultimate swing. It’s sad to see that our regional news makers are not keen to deal with the anti-corruption movement. No doubt, the movement has woken up the sleeping India and dragged the young youthful youths into the process. One hefty powerful law is indeed a must for today’s India and I hope authority will be looking into the same Lokpal bill before implanting. Provisions for development-bottlenecks must be swept away if they reside. Authority should be effective, i.e. Lokpal bill should be on corruption and it should make the concerned authority in a position to trace out the money spent on a particular project or course rather making blocks on the development track saying NO to all doubts and complaints which are skeptical to a minimum level. Thank you  Anna Hazare. You put the stone in the 'ugly water' and the repercussion vibrations are reaching lengths n breadths what is THE JAN LOKPAL BILL