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A short man who makes INDIA taller

"When Sachin Tendulkar travelled to Pakistan to face one of the finest bowling attacks ever assembled in cricket, Schumacher was yet to race a F1 car, LanceArmstrong had never been to the Tour de France, Diego Maradona was still the captain of a world champion Argentina team, Pete Sampras had never won a Grand Slam. When Tendulkar embarked on a glorious career taming Imran and company, Roger Federer was a name unheard of; Lionel Messi was in his nappies, Usain Bolt was an unknown kid in the Jamaican backwaters. The Berlin Wall was still intact, USSR was one big, big country, Dr Manmohan Singh was yet to "open" the Nehruvian economy. It seems while Time was having his toll on every individual on the face of this planet, he excused one man. Time stands frozen in front of Sachin Tendulkar. We have had champions, we have had legends, but we have never had another Sachin Tendulkar and we never will." P.S : A PARA ON SACHIN BY TIME MAGAZINE

TRAFFIC-MALAYALAM MOVIE[2011] i was loving it and i loved

genre : movie review T he promotional wall papers, the posters and the cut-outs would not have made any surprise or grin on me if it was a Bolly-Hollywood or Tamil feature. But I got surprised and caught as it was from a normal Malayalam film which didn’t bear any big stars. It was nice to see many faces on the wall as pics and the name too stroke. After a few days, today [14/1/11] I went for the movie along with one of the lads from my friend-list.   Let me type from the beginning. The title displays and the scrolling were a bit awkward, better  say oblique. But later it went catchy as the actor Sreenivasan was making a voice-only presence and the front page narration was not into hearts. But the same gave or labeled the film a serious face and the viewers did stop talking and commenting.   It was a take off from the director side, taking the viewers in his bag.  The story was like a shuffled puzzle packet before us and later the screen-people made it in proper lines and corner