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'wealthy' common wealth

genre:CI I t  is me who always work hard and tame my study materials during the last hours or the day just senior to the exam. And not only me, but almost all are doing the same mesmerism. A nexus of 300 or more people are in fresh troubles concerning the Common Wealth Game scam .Are they representing each of us? Human resources were in plenty and the fund  was redundant. Which element lacked? Diplomatically I'm not in a position to comment up on .Lets shelve the queries right now and later we should be having a manipulation and thorough probe after culminating the CWG. For the time being forget those non-Indians who looted and be Indian and lets  sing:::::                                       oh yaaro yeh india ..bulaa liya.. diwaana yeh india bulaa liya (bulaa liya) yeh to khel hain, bada mel hain.. mila diya(mila diya) (2) oh rukna rukna rukna rukna rukna nahi.. haarna haarna haarna haarna haarna nahi.. junoon se kanoon se maidaan maaro.. lets go..lets go.. play o j