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genre: short story
Swathi Swathilakshmi is haunted by mighty thoughts.

‘I know him from the school days, why he put me in such a drastic pond'

 She asks herself and seeks inside her heart, where her dad with a muscled mustache, her mom with a cute uncertain smile and her sibling "agitator" stay safe.

"Hey Joe I don want to hurt ma parents and just do spare me"

  This was her last shout over Joe.

Joe's class number was 26 while they had their acquaintance for the first, and now too he is 26, six months elder to Swathi Swathilakshmi and now they have their first irregular manipulation in the friendship codes.
Sorry I’m going vague, saying this story. Story of  Swathi and Joe. Let me say, Swathi is getting a proposal from her blockbuster friendship hero Joe. They know each other for the past many years.

It was yesterday evening after a party blast Joe grabbed Swathi and said   'I want u'   and kissed at her lips, severe. She doesn know even now what to say more, and she doubts whether she too loves. If she asks me, god promise, I will be planting an affair. She is asking herself,

Was she allowing him to kiss? ,
Or he made it easily as he is a "he”?

 I think she is thinking a lot lying on her bed, to make herself safe in the chart of religion and other cultural frequencies.
She writes on the paper "do u love him?" and the same is getting stroked. She stands now in front of the mirror. She looks at the watch .She was the girl who slams this love and all the adolescence romantic times, the GUY-GAL love talks, night calls . . .

She sits in the lawn. Seems she is disturbed. Her mind searches a safe zone, a cradle. The breeze gives some ripped leaves and flower petals to her from the boughs. Nothing affects her.
Suddenly a flower comes to her front. She looked up.[it is Joe who]comes there with a flower in hand

"Joe"    she yelled
Joe: what you are doing here alone? [Placing the flower on her hand]

Swathi: confused, I’m totally confused

Joe: for what?

Swathi: I hate this love, affair and all. But I don want to hate you.

Joe:  Swathi I know you do love me. Your mind already scribbled inside the 3 words”I love you” and now your tongue have to read. Just do that

Swathi: what?  She asks puzzled
Joe now hugs her.

Joe: why you don’t resist now? Im hugging you.
Swathi:  Joe I love you

She sees the morning light now. She is in her bed. Now I could say that she is really holding the confused moments as the happened scenes are just a peppy dream .She doesn't know what to do. Whether cry or do scream. She confirmed that she loves him. But she doesn’t want to loose those lawn moments realizing that it was a dream. She is getting screwed up by herself in front of the mirror. She asks herself many queries.
I don’t want to chart all those stupid here.

I said no? Sometimes my Swathi is really psycho. Swathi wants to talk with her Joe now. [Don’t feel weird on me. I’m using "her Joe" now.] Hours passed. She changed. Before, she didn’t show any hesitation to call him. But now she drags. She herself knows, her mind got installed something new. The universal feel, love is spreading through the veins and she set tensed now to call Joe to say.
As 3 idiots said "all is well”, she picked the phone and scrolled. But the same instant, she gets his call. OOUUCH!!! She puts the mob down.
She looks at the screen:

She was taken aback...
Two calls she missed from him. She leaves the mob at the room and went for the routines. I think she gropes some courage .Lijin doesn’t know whether all gals do such dramas before a proposal or endorsing a proposal. But Swathi does. Two hours passed. She managed to eat the 120 minutes. She takes the phone and dialed him. The first hurdle is from the network operator side. Nil balance status made the fully charged Swathi dull .She can’t call. But she doesn’t give up. Takes the land lined phone and dialed.

Signal catches him. She is getting pissed here. She is like a gal who attends a phone in interview from a MNC. She doesn’t know what is coming straight from her mouth and what she hears. As a start the usual “where you?” the guy got. And thus, a dull –accelerated call installed.

Guy: driving, sorry, who is this?
Swathi: it’s me, don’t have ma land line? Huh
Guy: Sweety, you? I’m going to work site.
Swathi:  yup.k
Guy:  I was about to call you, I have been getting calls from Meskin and he wants that reports and those encoded program very urgent. I don want to make myself in trouble…

His complaints and grieves continues, which she doesn’t understand and bother

“Joe I love you, I wanna share myself with u. Love you a lot”

What?! “he screamed and the car  went off road . A bang!!
[Joe comes to Swathi's home and asks]
“Swathi, where you dumped your mobile?
I called you often. And you are sticking on this land receiver for long.
I called to this too. ’  

Swathi doesn’t know, what is happening around her. ?
Joe: hello [waved hands before her face]
She got flashed and says for the call.
Hello, hello” No one replies but the line is still connected, noises are heard from the end, noises only.

“Sorry wrong number” she ends the call.
Swathi: Hey Joe sorry. I got wrong. I dialed wrong and was calling someone for you and I talked minutes.
Joe: me? Ok what is the matter?
Swathi: nothing. Hmm, will say later [as she lost all her courage to confirm the love]

Lijin doesn’t know whether she will say the love lines and do well to herself or not. But I’m sure something bad and odd happened at  other end of the call.


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