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genre: short story S wathi Swathilakshmi is haunted by mighty thoughts. ‘I know him from the school days, why he put me in such a drastic pond'  She asks herself and seeks inside her heart, where her dad with a muscled mustache, her mom with a cute uncertain smile and her sibling "agitator" stay safe. " Hey Joe I don want to hurt ma parents and just do spare me"   This was her last shout over Joe. Joe's class number was 26 while they had their acquaintance for the first, and now too he is 26, six months elder to Swathi Swathilakshmi and now they have their first irregular manipulation in the friendship codes. Sorry I’m going vague, saying this story. Story of  Swathi and Joe. Let me say, Swathi is getting a proposal from her blockbuster friendship hero Joe. They know each other for the past many years. It was yesterday evening after a party blast Joe grabbed Swathi and said   ' I want u '   and kissed at her lips, severe. She doesn know eve