Sunday, February 28, 2010

vinnai thandi varum!

For the film the title itself is a big shot. The same draws psyches to the box office .First of all thanking the maker for the title. That symbolic query launches, launched, will launch romantic- memories  in every individual irrespective of the registered sex. We all were in doubt, that ghuatam menon is romantic or penning romance for the sake of money. But by this release I realized and confirmed , that the Indian director  is truly awesome in romance and magical in presenting the same glorious feel .Went along with two of ma friends and through out the theatre time, one was ‘sledging’ me for forcing him to see the screen for VTV.Didnt know why he hates. Some times the dull pace counted.
                 But I think the pace suits the film well. Sometimes fast pace would be doing a reverse affect, as the manipulation is romance inside. The style is pretty cool and worth seeing, ghuatam took. Steps [the aerobic-like] are awesome and for me the song picturization got ten on ten.

Academy award winner is terrific for the first venture after bagging world wide fames .Rahman is simply the best. If you people liked the album hearing  from CDs /PDAs,I swear you are missing another half of the beauty of the songs ,which comes only from the ghuatam menon frames. Its a commendable collaboration of notes and frames,truly  .
Camera moves and realistic frames are safely monitored before us through a talented  ‘lens’ Manoj paramahamsa. THUMPS UP man

My perspective shouts: ‘if u r missing the film, you are missing a great time’

Monday, February 1, 2010


Days back i joined one orkut community " why i hate rahman?".and inside the community home,reasons were chained well.I spotted every reasons for the hatred . Looking inside me, I see graffiti over my mind-wall  holding the same reasons.

1. Every time his music releases ... I gotta spend money on each
every DVD/CD released by him in all languages because I cant miss
music for anything in the world.

2. Waste lots of time listening to his music again and again
I can never get satisfied with his music.

3. Waste all my morning time reading carefully each and every
message in arrfans group, again and again for the fear of missing a
a youtube video, a rapidshare link, a review/blog/ article.

4. Hate him because I like his music so much that I dont get time
listen to other MDs music and appreciate their music as some
can do.

5. Cry out loud when somebody says my man has lifted a tune ...
then try to cool myself after somebody in the amazing arrfans group
explaining why its false accusation.

6. Have to bear the fact that in this 100+ crore country, the only
music thats worth listening is ARRs and subconsciosly wishing that
there are more ARRs

reasons are nailed  above

when he had held te oscars,i didnt write any here
today he got te musical oscars too,te gramophone awards
so i couldn't help myself to leave te space void.

long go ARR,make me happy,make india smile