Sunday, January 10, 2010

just 4 horror!

 genre:true story

Throughout the life- this spell, I have been hearing stories named true shades that sketched or try to do ghost and such supernatural life forms. In all sense, some time known-sense gave us only vague and scratched scenes of them, the ghosts. For this, sometimes non sense too plays the role. However they are close to us. For screening fun we talked about them, a lot. For arresting the scary mind inside, we talked again a lot. Like all rolling eyes over this page, me too have much pretty well crafted scriptures with ghost or some of "his" associate in lead. The consolidation was from the soft hands of the idiotic box.
Dad and me always took plus five minutes from the bus terminal, the old one to the last bend which led to the rotary "school time" where I did my schooling up to 4th standard..From that road curve, it was my chronic carefulness that steered myself .As all well-programmed days, that day also I got in the class. I was doing in third standard and it was B division. Like some little champs from the bench-side, the teacher for the third period was also absent and we all were whispering ,hiding from the eagle eyes of dull yellow shirt& ample dark blue shorts standing in front of us. Sorry I don remember the fellow who monitored the class .[he actually was minding the class : my past vocals]
It was Sehna who was lying on the desk  yelled entumma jinnu jinnu"[oh god ghost!] abruptly .Girls around her themselves got pumped away and I think I was on the desk .Seconds before I had my seat over the wooden bench. The scene continued .Some had given a race to staffs' room. The fainted Sehna was taken to hospital immediately. The guy with curly hairs on the penultimate desk was helping his hands and tooth from shivering. It was my first "horror scene". Lijindev chewed three or four days,tasting the 'sweet' feel ,which made me completely dejected. Slept hugging mom tightly.
Time passed. This time the shocked kid changed a lot. Got spectacles over the eyes, slight terrific mustache and beard. I was in Salem, while age creeps through 2004 to 2008. During the initial batch of days, around two hundred and fifty in numbers, we all were together  under the same roof. We technocrats and the medicos loved each other. Had fun and the days moulded ourselves for the game 'ojo board '  As annan-the  hostel warden had told us that the room which shined over the three storey building like a cap,helped one of our senior to give up his breath .We did select the same spot, the same room as the canvass for the miracle of OjO. While we were in the making ,ears were tuning up more efficiently. More sounds were welcomed and seated inside ears. All were tensed enough as sounds -even a small wave was a bang for us that time. Dogs were the USPs. They did their level best to make us scared. And we were in ultimate chaos ,when the steel cup over the OJO board moved towards the boundary.
We were all aware of the 'concentration play' or the concentration's 'play' inside the OJO event and the dogs had been shouting all days before our horror game and after too, as usual. All were keeping the precious silence but sometimes laughed louder and fought harder to dominate over the scary boiling feel. The incident is bringing smile over my face now. And that time we were happy in the sense that our game touched success .Ya we saw the steel cup moving rt?
And this time, a true story followed. Mostly our home, the grieves’ graveyard on the second floor was like a road side inn. All did the presence with talks, talks and talks throughout, even if  the clock moved extremes. This particular scene and frames was among the 7 idiots and 2 Romeos, Neelesh and Ratheesh. The fair discussion was reaching ears throughout the fair, our FAIRLANDS. Flourishing talks were going on without any cracks or cheats. No doubt the topic was ghost, yakshi, extra ordinary evil powers and even many new non-dictionary words delivered at the spot. When unknown articles were dealt, all heroes nodded each other, as the same were much known. For the first whistle all were in shuffled seating. Every  "PERSONAL" story was followed by another from the nearest available mouth and we were successively forming a chain of bluffs and some interesting stuffs .I don want to point out the masala that we had in those story lines, it's understandable .Around 60 minutes were eaten. Then the team got shuffled. Our sofa was full; all got flanked by other bold technocrats .But every ones' tongue sailed a lot. The actual presenter was Rathesh. The guy hails from Palakkad. For introduction of his story, he blabbered, his village, home, people...went on...
From the days he could remember he was having a friend, whom he used to call 'chechi' [elder sister].During school days it was she who picked him up and down from the school. It was she who cared him like a younger sweet sibling.
From the demo itself we all got the strong bond between those two humans .We liked it and was getting indulged in the Rathesh filming
Years went off, and  that day came. He was coming back to the home after the class. It is still vague that in which standard he was doing then. He stepped down from the bus and was moving home. He was on the way, a pocket road, drawn up to his home. With many things, home works TV programs and many more in mind he was just rolling himself over the way  and he was in haste looking for a hunger-dismissal after reaching home .He walked. With a pleased charming smile and sparkling look, his chechi was coming. Both waved hands and thus greeted. When she was near enough, she just patted his hair on the move.
"Bye" she said.
The guy was not bothering much, as he was in haste and preferred being with his snacks and chaats from home. He just handed over a smile, and moved. He was running and reached home. No one was there except the maid .She gave him the plate, a little populated. Seeing that he asked "where is mom?”. Hands from back grabbed him tightly and hugged.’ mom! Where were u'?' He asked while he was getting a kiss from her. She was crying."hey mom" he shouted .
"chechi is gone, monu" with a completely cracked voice she said holding him tightly. He took some more time to realize that his chechi was dead that morning.
Hearing this we all were teaching ourselves, that ’it's a story '.But he had given the lines, saying that it was a true incident. We were taken to another stage or world. Now too when I write this blog I could feel the feel that I had then. A bit diabolic. After that we all were not discussing such matters to a larger extent. Especially we were not into the chechi story again. Sometimes when I heard the name 'Ratheesh' I could grope the incident from the memories.I know no great ways are there to rub those, if we had such in lives. Now we all got expelled from the great Salem and now we talk over phones only. But I rarely call him!