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just 4 horror!

 genre:true story T hroughout the life- this spell, I have been hearing stories named true shades that sketched or try to do ghost and such supernatural life forms. In all sense, some time known-sense gave us only vague and scratched scenes of them, the ghosts. For this, sometimes non sense too plays the role. However they are close to us. For screening fun we talked about them, a lot. For arresting the scary mind inside, we talked again a lot. Like all rolling eyes over this page, me too have much pretty well crafted scriptures with ghost or some of "his" associate in lead. The consolidation was from the soft hands of the idiotic box. Dad and me always took plus five minutes from the bus terminal, the old one to the last bend which led to the rotary "school time" where I did my schooling up to 4th standard..From that road curve, it was my chronic carefulness that steered myself .As all well-programmed days, that day also I got in