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dizzy N' dazed

genre:a crap H ad numerous tasty days,had many splendid  moments and now im not a faded intellectual to get ready for re-welcoming those flowery days .Several times,while on ma black sofa ,while on ma dinning chair in ma home,I queried myself where ma life goes? .I just dragging now the tittle here,"dizzy N' dazed''. Dizzy N' dazed where ma life goes.I was pampering these thoughts in ma mind.Now too i do.Un-packed dreams from the mind call me to their own way,where  the stiff  practical life calls me to another.From ma side ,i don know how to and where to steer.                            Just feel to call Rama Allah & Jesus to sketch out the way for me,as the colonial song said.Purposely the days have been made busy.Have to wake up early ,say around 5 :30 as the punching machine at the Keltron campus waves and calls me.The trips make me busy to a tight extend.The time Im having from the morning 8:30 to 4:30 eve creeps,obviously.The whole life is in a busy thro