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Genre: short story F or Nerrendhair toilette, the day was vital, a bit great. Foot steps were in new 'era'. When looked through the grills, the clock was moving fast from four hours, five minutes. Keeping a masked smile, he leaned over the wall. He was lazy to a count. He knew long way was waiting for him that day, the unknown pretty way. The routine play started. He felt that more eyes were staring at him. He too fought towards the 'look'.   He reached the room the bathing one. The first cup of water said 'bye' to the rest. He poured. While the water was patting him well, his eyes get blurred and the mind drew a picture over the wall in front of the man. On the wall he saw his kids, they fight and he shouted then 'hey'. Now the action flagged end. They smiled for him, which made the same in his face, the cutest curve on the globe.                                                                                      "Where are the kids? Ask them