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Genre:short story Genre:short story W hen the calendar had said "it’s Monday, 18th June" the bald headed man started begging for a couple of days as leaves. This day the same calendar on the right corner wall says "it’s Tuesday, 26 June.” Yet he didn't get anything  green  from the boss. He wants to be a thrived leave applicant, as it will be a great pleasure bouquet for the 48 year old man. "Delhi! Agra! N the taj. You have been asking me for the same stuffs. What the hell is vital there, and the process here at the office, is too rushy. U must be here. How could I grant u?? ..[Irritated boss is about to jump on him] "Sorry sir, I can’t help stopping .I have to get the days in ma hand. Don wanna repeat the reasons again" it’s an ultimate reflection from the hero side. He too is irritated. It seems. A point of cross- cutting comes here. The gal's age is 19 and till dated she didn't have any big desires and her dad ,the same bald heade