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Genre:short story

Genre:short story

When the calendar had said "it’s Monday, 18th June" the bald headed man started begging for a couple of days as leaves. This day the same calendar on the right corner wall says "it’s Tuesday, 26 June.” Yet he didn't get anything  green  from the boss. He wants to be a thrived leave applicant, as it will be a great pleasure bouquet for the 48 year old man.

"Delhi! Agra! N the taj. You have been asking me for the same stuffs. What the hell is vital there, and the process here at the office, is too rushy. U must be here. How could I grant u??..[Irritated boss is about to jump on him]

"Sorry sir, I can’t help stopping .I have to get the days in ma hand. Don wanna repeat the reasons again" it’s an ultimate reflection from the hero side. He too is irritated. It seems.

A point of cross- cutting comes here.

The gal's age is 19 and till dated she didn't have any big desires and her dad ,the same bald headed gentleman was holding the cool times with her. When needs ,desires n passions are concerned the gals is so simple and not so excessive.
He doesn’t have a stubborn gal.
He doesn’t   a wife now.
He doesn’t have a posh life
He doesn’t have any grudge
yup one more ,
He doesn’t have any hair.

Like tat a simple life, a calm one he is leading with her pretty cute girl. Both were N' are happy.

"dad lets go for a trip, I wanna see Taj mahal once.lets go.plz dad"  he got this request from his gal months back. While she was asking she might not be serious, but the man hold it damn serious and he has been just making out the way to Agra from his home. Financial preparation was horrible for him, seeing his face I felt.
The man's life managements and manipulation are just for the gal in the home. He doesn’t wanna take other raw to his life. Saying by a phrase, he lives for her. Why should he bother other stuffs, cute and ugly?. His friends and his colleagues know the daddy well. They all have been seeing the same dairy for the past bundle of years.

His diary pages don’t count days, but years are dealt there. It’s the world for him. It’s the life n light for the gentle man. Every tracks and shades of his daughter move through the pages. Nothing heavy to show off. The pages keep his little queen safe inside them.

The smile she gave, the cry she gave, the shout she made, the song she sang, the picture she drew, dress she wore, the list goes n goes. Every turns and curves in her life, all the pages says that. And the man holds it even now, the same diary with enough untidy pages and weird look. When queries come concerning the same, the man's eyes do get wet N' he will be in charming zone N' fabulous scenes-frames come out through his words. He does describe  them so nicely.   She acts in that, she sings, she laughs, she grins in that diary pages .All she does through   his words.
Yup, look at the cabin. He is there at the boss' table as he was called.

“Boss good afternoon!"
"Yes good afternoon"
"You want the days rt?" "Any change?"

And the same reply hovers in the room

"I want the days, want the leave"

[@ Home]
She is about to take the book from the shelf, at the right corner of the hall. The phone calls her.

"say dad"
"yeah!!!! [With utmost excitement]
darling, four legs ,four hands ,four eyes moves from our sweet nest to Agra ,today get ready"
what? dad!!!
"ya I'm coming get ready there. Quick, get mine too"

The little lady grins. She doesn't get any idea, what she does what doesn’t. She was just playing with seconds. She gropes here and there, widely. She hurriedly jumps on the dresses, sorted them out. She bags it, with in seconds count. When the soft hands hold the shampoo, she remembers the red n pink polishes she got two days before. She keeps the shampoo bottle there, runs for the polishes .Put them all.

The game continues, she runs for the shampoo now. She drives here and there, the paths are highly complicated. So, would like to say short about her fight with the time, with the clock.
The blasting sound you heard now is just the closing of bathroom door. She takes the shower.
The man comes out of his office. He sings now. Much flashy he is now.
Look at him, he is pretty cool now.
He feels now,
"Yes I'm a daddy now, now only. I love her, but couldn't care her"
He may or may not be thinking now. I’m not sure.

He gets in the shop. Runs n flies, collects the things for the journey, the long one that he is going to have with his life, his baby gal.

But the same female continues her rock n roll with out any breaks. And she does it fabulously. My self I wonder now, how much stuffs n craps she is going to have for the trip. Seems she is peak excited. No doubt, it goes true as her dad is going to give her a terrific pack of hours by the trip.
Now in the frame: the man goes through the footpath. And he hands more bags now. Still he is in search of something else. He enters the shop at the corner. Gave seconds there, comes out with another addition, ye one bag more  .hurie!!!.
LADIES N GENTLEMEN the sequel for the shopping is over now. And our man is calling taxi now. The car moves.

Now have a cross cut, again
Gal is cute now. She wears a white T -shirt N' a denim jeans. Two huge bags take the mark beside her. They go fat. She is waiting for the start, having her whole "home" in the bags. She is happy? Or tensed? A bit. Strange to see that. Some peoples' excitements draw difference on faces. The crafted trait suits here.

The yard for the home fills with roses n some more leafy lives. And the roadway in front is painted well by leaves, down from the boughs. Now, the taxi comes to the same road.
When she looks out, she could see her dad is just closing the cab door, the car moves and he approaches.
She makes a murmur

"ooh dad""

She again looks outside, and takes the bags.

"Hey where were you?" she shouts

"Seconds, minutes and even hours have been taken by Shoppe , darling” dad replies.

"Hey it took time to get the bike ready, darling"

When the guy who sits on the bike says this, the man looks at him.
"what’s that?"he asks himself

"Stupid"    it is from the gal.

The man's mind creeps.
He just stares at his daughter now. Checks frame by frame-what she does

"She looks me
She holds the bags now
She looks back to the wall, her mother
She starts now, she runs
She comes to me now,[she keeps the luggage down]
She looks at me
She says "sorry dad"
She turns and runs now, to the corner yard
She gets on the bike; the guy looks at me now
She too looks, she looks odd
Bike starts,"

The man is frozen. Gives one yell "hey.hello, Lobelia"

Roses from the yard, leaves from the sides, birds on boughs and the breeze that hovers have replied his "hello”,
Except his little gal.


  1. good work dude...keep goin...:)

  2. You have done a good work.
    succeeded in expressing the situation
    .But i doubt whether it has contributed
    much towards making it a short story.It
    is neither story nor poem.. and i feel
    instead using Shakespeare language use
    the proper English for writing..just an
    opinion..all the best...

  3. Good work. keep contributing more good stories.

  4. കൊള്ളാ‍മല്ലോ.അഭിനന്ദനങ്ങൾ.
    ഇനിയും വരാം.