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a 'mess' with the dream

M any dates in my life dealt me well.And 26-07-2009 is special.I was awaiting for the day,and I loved it now.Keeping the passion and dream to be in the field of visual media I had applied for FTII and now I'm blogging here with immense pleasure that I put the first step .Whatever result they publish,I'm not into those bonanza.One thing hypes that I  gave the paper,with passion and joy.For the first time I just hold the huge baggies of passion, sincerity and desire for an exam.When I was just doing at ma home and doing along with ma friends,I was truly alone when this particular "hall ticket"  concerned.But at the exam center I could see many buddies who had the same desire n charm together inside the same frame.Ya,it made me happy.Talking with them just made more comfortable and we all were dealing well. Coming to the questions,have to talk lot.Expected mathematical and science queries were nil.Just questions to measure ou

DAYS ARE 17 [ss]

Genre:short story DAY 1 Not like the days before,gulzar is a bit early.Eyes are in search of a catchy sight.Chance is void.Desperately he takes one seat with a coffee.Looks the watch.It said "wait". Faces are running out and in. For him,the train station is the same that he had seen years before.Change never pat it.He sweats for a MNC in the city,catching the same train to connect home n office for the past 4-five years. DAY2 Today the race is on between him and the lady train. She doesn't left him off.There were days gulzar pissed off.Train said bye many times. Now in the seat he is.Abruptly a plastic wrapper flies and grabs his face,which slips from the girl beside.She is about to sit there in front of him. He takes the wrapper in hand.Its a napkin cover.He just points the same to her,"excuse me".She is blushed.she sits there without any reflection. After giving a stare at the stuff he sends it out. "is toilet free now?".When t