Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DAYS ARE 17 [ss]

Genre:short story


Not like the days before,gulzar is a bit early.Eyes are in search of a catchy sight.Chance is void.Desperately he takes one seat with a coffee.Looks the watch.It said "wait". Faces are running out and in. For him,the train station is the same that he had seen years before.Change never pat it.He sweats for a MNC in the city,catching the same train to connect home n office for the past 4-five years.


Today the race is on between him and the lady train. She doesn't left him off.There were days gulzar pissed off.Train said bye many times. Now in the seat he is.Abruptly a plastic wrapper flies and grabs his face,which slips from the girl beside.She is about to sit there in front of him. He takes the wrapper in hand.Its a napkin cover.He just points the same to her,"excuse me".She is blushed.she sits there without any reflection. After giving a stare at the stuff he sends it out.
"is toilet free now?".When the old man  asked  her this,she replied 'yeah' making  face more pink..She said freely[gulzar doesn't think so ].All stay cool.


This day the train is rushy.We all could doubt gulzar,that he has followed the same girl.Whatever it is,she is near to him now.Their eyes struck.The debut smile he fired went waste.She seems stern as almost all girls do.After a long spell a slight smile is hanging on her face.She hides it turning off herself.He creeps and now he is more close to her.
"what is  the date?"
he asked  one who naps and trying to upgrade the same, standing.

"19". The man replied as he lost something expensive

gulzar:"But the date is 18 man".

man:" hey common,what u want?"

gulzar:"me? nothing".[looks her,and with a gap of silence,says]."management made ma salary plus,as I work hard"[laughs as he successfully executed  a self scoring dialogue before the girl].

She is about to step down.She comes closer to him and says "but your zip is still open!.

It was too hitting and electrifying words.Gulzar suddenly checks the shutter - she is true."ooh shit".All starts laughing and a special laugh with a weird tone comes out from the man beside him,the same man.She just left.And he is in search of oxygen.


Gulzar is very careful.With the sparking eyes as a hunter holds,he moves on the platform.He doesnt want trouble seeing her.Deliberate minutes crossed.Train is welcomed by the platform where she stepped down  yesterday.He is free from the cutie .
"excuse me,"
As he turned ,its her.
"how the day,god morning!.work hard"
with the most beautiful smile on her face she moves away.Strange air comes to him.Its a pleasant curve on his face.Delighted Gulzar! as he finds some thing precious .

"i have to love you" he says

No doubt,Gulzar is searching for the awesome girl  now.He searches,searches n searches.No looks catch  her.His mood seems to ride wrong.He is waiting for the station where she does leave . Finally the station has come.Among the human flush he starts the scan.She comes out from the same compartment where they met n shared moments.He yells "hi".All are looking at him and she too.For him she stands alone in that range.Just got a hand wave from her and its enough there.


This sixth day is the day of dumb language for these creatures.As they got locked in the rush ,emotional fields are not helpless for them.Both are far enough to prevent voice chats .But they talk a lot .They talk for a long time.Gulzar doesn't know what she says and she obviously in the same state.But he is on cloud nine. .He comes to the door and says "bye".Train moves taking Gulzar n Gulzar moves taking her "byesmile"


Pretty good boy is Gulzar  now. He is early.Rarely he does.She is in the window side and he sits opposite to her.Face to face,as they sat b4.Within seconds the  train is loaded well. He stares at her and she is nervous,a bit.                    
ooh shit got wrong,she stares at him and Gulzar is nervous, chronic nervous.
Himalayan task he does,to overcome those.And now he is getting good n pretty cool as train eats distances



She just get down as the train is on the mark.For gulzar the whole spell was some seconds.He doesnt know,what happened there.


The two humans get into the same train piece.While they started, both were pretty far .But now when the 3rd horn airs he is here ,at the mark near to her.Just like pure strangers they do. He or she never drags apart.Sometimes shakes bind them.Seats are getting vacant.But nothing bothers  them.They stand as the train is holding  huge rush.

Nothing is new.But the very next second, Gulzar grabs her palm.Rough look is pumping out from her ,which later would get pacified. They look outside,they look at the fan ,they stare at others,they smile. But never look each other and their hands never leave each other till the journey ends.


A fresh journey starts.Gulzar boldly comes near to her,smiles.
"how are you" she asks the same" how are you"

just rubbing the nails gulzar comments

"we both are fine"
That goes good and both smiles now.They couldn't help that.
 but again he asks
gulzar:how are u
gal:im fine

gal:how are u
gulzar: me too.

For us the whole stuffs value worse.Sure they are saying something from heart.Obviously .He holds her hand.A fine day


After the smiling session ,Gulzar fires ,"im having something for u".With her eyebrows she replied.He takes a lunch pack and gives  her
"i was in kitchen 4 u".
"hmmmm..good.. but im having mine"she replies
."oh fine, then do one thing ,just give me yours lets exchange rt?" .He solves the problem

 She is looking at the railway poster and smiles.
He cursors the word strangers
. And asked "im not a stranger rt?"
 She was cool and comfortable then.Something flashed.Just opened her palm for him.Hands get locked and both are safe, i mean the hands.It seems.Train moved on.................


Gulzar searches the face,that made him nervous,soft,and that made him romantic.The search touches the void end.Desperate guy loose the charm and he is now helpless.Ready to do anything,but nothing to do.Even he dont know how the days moved.


Disturbed mind stands near the door , looking outside .Train moves fast. He gets a "hi" from the back and for the same  he  looks back. The heart conqueror is standing near him. Abruptly with out any hesitation he hugs the gal who greeted.It is odd and weird for us .But seeing the one who he have been looking for the past  days  made him  forget others-around and everything.He missed her in a big way. The great addition over the scene is now, he kisses her.Unexpected lips' merge doesnt give time for the gal to respond. She gains the mind back and pushes him  apart.

Better than them ,people around the scene at the platform enjoy the kiss.
"i was searching you" ,showing him the card she expresses the grieve.The card invites him for a marriage of  ROMNIA ANGEL with HARIZ DOMNIC .She moves away ,with tears n blushy face.He says nothing. Fellow passengers  are into them,looking at him.When her station comes,he too steps out.
He is just heeling   her. What his mind is going through is perfectly unknown.

Gulzar:"are you Romnia?"

with a scratched and dull voice

gal: "ya,I' am"

  The tears come from him  seems like blood.

"nice name"Gulzar murmurs
tears only, s(he) leaves .

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