Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The most dazed word,love

  Precisely I have said what I would like to say with the title. Through songs, through stories, through films, through articles holding newspapers, through the same papers, through family, through talks, through friends, I heard a lot of quotes concerning the four letter bundle "L, O, V, and E". Pages of books that we bagged to schools, told us to love each other. Ya it seemed good.  Saying love has many dimensions, we love our parents, we love our relatives, we love our friends and we love our pets even madly and deadly. So nothing is there in the doubt pocket, to say against love's dimensions.  The commendable trait of the above is, we don't take much risk for getting or keeping the loves mentioned.  Loving our parents is the greatest thing. But we needn't take any listed actions for keeping it, as the heart n arrow comes constantly from parents.  Just accept those with pleasure, that's the only acknowledge for mummy papa.
When the case of pals comes, it seems like a molecular chain, adding up each year and each stage of the running life. When I'm getting mails and sms on friendship days, saying friendship is precious and it’s the sacred thing, I wonder who dare 'n' manipulates these.  Frankly, true friendships won’t be cared precious or sacred. Better to say friends come along with us. As said b4, specific stage of life has its own flow of process.  All move fast some furious. While some join hands and get into the flow together. These days friends are made. Obviously, they are much closer. Stupidity, freaks, delighted scenes n worse scenes are enjoyed mostly with friends, better say almost all with friends.  Then how could one say that it’s sacred? It’s open and it’s the only relation, having peak openness.
Coming to the romantic dimension of love, taking ma perspective I would like to say that this one is the most special 'n' vital case. It doesn’t make any sense if one started searching for a boyfriend or girlfriend. There might be hearts making sense. I don wan to endorse the love that is planned and purposely made. For me, it doesn’t make any sense and hopefully it won’t. The love must come our way. Sometimes friendship leads, some times an acquaintance even over a tonally deserted background.  Love for a girl that hails from a boy’s heart holds some thing divine. Obviously vise-versa.  No risks would be there from the heart side to flower a love. It comes and takes its space by its own.
Heard plenty of times people saying "I never loved before marriage. I started loving ma wife. She is the only gal in ma life". Those who say the same, for me they are unlucky. Those who say the process as a credit are weird. Loving one after marriage is not a great thing when the particular pure love is concerned. [Those who links love to marriage, must be saluted]. By the auspicious marriage she/he is forced to love. Definitely they do. What does a normal guy do when a sweetie shares the bed along with social approval? He or she starts from there and leads to love. No doubt same love comes. But all could do that love rt? It’s easy
Don’t know, whether love before the knot is a sin. But there are people every where who loves to love it. I'm lucky. I enjoyed. Sometimes we won’t complete the circle of love, but should feel the fell that comes from him/her without any concern of time, religion, nation, language, color and even sex. It molds a good individual sometime ruin, it has such powers.  Any way thanks for putting your eyes into it. Don know whether it worth or not.  All keeps their love for ever if it has the shade of sincerity. But at the same time all do act well and make themselves believe that he/she has forgotten everything about the past love or lost love.
But even hearts
love to leave. . .


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