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ma yellow days

Genre: true  story 
Genre: true story
As usual did the tough job again, said bye for ma bed. It was early for me, for and also for us. The clock needle had crossed the digit "10".Im talking about the little one! We started our last semester and we were pretty "busy" as we were doing our project. Me Afsal n Mahi were hanging out at Salem itself for this. Some of ma dears were doing the same idiotic things from Bangalore. Yet now it’s vague, what ma Amruth did there along with the so called genius Vineeth n Hashim. Recently he asked me the same Q. The big query.” what I did?”
                               Ya I ruined the first 5 hours and the time was around three. I was getting tired. As ma mind was searching a right reason for switching off myself, I had to use it. It seemed ma body was getting hot. The temperature rise flagged the fever. Within in no time I fired the announcement "I’m having fever”. I was glad as I’m secured myself from the 'terrific' project pre-production at-least for a couple of days. By the night, I was totally tired and had ma temperature around 100.Linu suggested me to move home, which pasted a big smile on ma face. The Deepu's ayurvedic coffee[now also he says it’s medicinal] didn’t work.
I’m in train now. Said my special bye for ma pro-group colleagues. I suggested them to do the initial stuffs by themselves. I was ok then. Nothing made me think worse as it was a normal homie trip for fever. I and all others made a dozen for the same b4. Embracing the glad feel of skipping some days from the process I reached home safely. Went to the doctor along with ma dad .Suggestion for some tests came from their. I was Hmm .Went for those. I was back home.April7 08.Time was driving differently. Result told me, typhoid!.
Dad was going there, mom was calling someone, and some called me. Some called her. Dad was rushing in, uncle came. Didn’t know what was going out there. But one thing, within an hour I was in the hospital bed. For the first time a strange experience was given. Before, I had visited the place for seeing others. But now twisted, they are coming in to see me. Three days, I spent. I was totally in trouble.
Me was going worse and worse. Injections, tablets more n more were going inside ma troubled body. Hospital personals were in ultimate chaos. Holding the doubt, something more ma body wanted to say, physician instructed for some more check-ups. That time it was a bit shocking. Hepatitis A, another name in the list. For the new guest -jaundice, preparation was taken tremendously. More medicines took the place, some of them got replaced. I was brushing well ma memories there, as I was struggling to tune up ma psyche range.
Packets of fruits, say apples, oranges n many more were importing well from different part of the 'world' along with the terrific sympathy. Number of eyes which traced me was adding up day by day, hours by hours. After a fight of 7 days with the medicines from the hospital, I got released from the area.
                                 I got shifted to ma home. By the time ma body started changing the colour .It was the time when ma body started painting itself. Initially it was too slow, and then the same thing got accelerated well. Friends! It was the starting of notable days I had in ma life. I was advised to take plenty of water each day. I used to take around 10 to 15 liters per day. It is not a bhakwas!   I used to. Ma body was good enough in colour-yellow and Urine was terrifically great in colour. While coming out of the 5 stored hospital building I was having a bilirumin count of 10, which had taken off from 6.Physician once told me that the count would go like a peaked graph. The point starts from minimum touches the top then should come down.
                                          Once in a week, ma blood has been sucked by one of the gorgeous women from the lab near by. Its sad now, I was not in a position to fire even a sweet "hi" for the lady. I don know how much body liquid I donated for the lab machines. Each day I was praying well along with ma family. Dad, mom, bro, uncle, aunt, venuuncle, cousins and everyone were there for me with sparking love. We all were praying to keep the count in track.
                                              Drastic situation we held till the count comes back from 13. Situation started getting cooler. I was smiling. Sure they too. All these took a month of time. I know you forgot about ma project. It was ok and safe in the hands of them, my friends. They were doing well without me. But I was missing something great. And i was sure I would miss something great. In between we tried some folk treatments too. Whether it helped me or not, I swear i don know. Ma position was pretty adjustable and endorsed to go college for the submission of project.
                                             Dad and I started off. It was for 2 days. Three men minds were totally void for the concerned project work. I was having only hours to know about the one month aged project. So I did those furiously. Some how I made the presentation and backed home. Deliberate moves were taken always then, but again I got ill. FLASHY FRAMES, hospital! Check-ups! Medicines!' 
                                          See I’m in the bed now' .For the second time I was hospitalized. This time, again typhoid grabbed me well. I was about to expel from the stage, but time made me to be back .This time the room went bad. Ten plus days I was like ball in the bottle. I lost the whole vigor I had. A uncle was there for me.   
                                           Sleepless days were uncountable. The time made me familiar with the FM programmes aired. Through out the night uncle gave me company. Dad mom and the sun were coming in the morning, joined hands.   
                                      I had taken much space. Now I would like to talk about the days I spent after that hospital spell. The same process of weekly test was going on. During each, god got many prayers from my home. Ultimate rocking days were those. I lost ma huge weight. Ma skin was too lax. It was like a wet paper. Nothing to say about the colour I had that time. When I pissed  I used to sing:
"mango fruity fresh n juicy"
                                   Terrible thing was the itching. Whole body wanted to get brushed strongly always, all the time. Chronic itching forced ma hands to do rubbing as hard n strong as possible. I did with whatever tool I was getting then. Blood stains were here and there. And the days were running .Already I spent 2 months almost in bed. Time got worse then, the count touched the peak -32 .
                                     Frames went fast and I was referred to calicut. Pure rest and good food were suggested from there by Dr.Vinayendran nair. He supported me powerfully and asked me to eat whatever I need, without any control. He was pretty sure, that the count would be getting down from the position. If not i might be in trouble.
                                      Prayers were huge from the loving humans around me and they all were happy when the count made its 'u-turn’. From that time, I was moving along with the gradual process. We all had waited for the day in which the count 32 was replaced by a smaller digit. 
                                          Those days were horrible. I was frantic. I have seen ma dad's eyes wet one morning [mom’s, as u know, they were wet through out].When the count came down to 20 I was a bit okay. Used to move from room to room and almost I was ok when the same came down to 12.But for others, the count 12 was heart breaking. We all were cool when I hold 12.Often we were checking till it touched 2.
                                    After that, physician told us to stop those great cycles. It was well enough, for me too. Doctor having an experience of around 40 years, told once
"we all were scared and in DOUBT"
Thanking god n gods right down here. I was glad finally. Obviously now too I’m glad coz I could write this blog.

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