Sunday, May 24, 2009

have to start now

At last me too here. Dont know what to type. Im honoured well.
Ample screen , white one is given , but nothing in ma mind to fill. ooh !   am I wrong again ?
Today is Tuesday  19th May 2009,and the time is sharp 11:19pm. For the first time ma silly mind is into a blog, for the first time ma fingers are running right over the keyboard for a page filling. 

Ya I know you guessed right? Obviously im also a normal crap.  Who loves to roam but one strange thing for me is  that Im  lazy too.Wanna roam but couldn't do better.Loves music.Loves films and crossing each day with a passion for writing which hovers over ma range. Never touched. See dude,Im having plenty of things in ma mind. Ya keeps a lot. But dont know how I gonna materialise those stuffs. Want to be spotted guy.Wish to be in a position where faces give me smiles along with respect flavoured. Wanna make ma presence a bit goodie for hearts and minds which share the seconds with me. Wanna make them keep, me somewhere in their minds at least for seven days. 

Rt now im loving this. Rt now myself, lijin loves and wish to do the same blogging in days that follow this great Tuesday. Now im enjoying writing here. Oh god! Its from your side.You have to keep the desire and spark always. Then only golden letters flower here. oyEEE! you thanks

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