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dizzy N' dazed

genre:a crap H ad numerous tasty days,had many splendid  moments and now im not a faded intellectual to get ready for re-welcoming those flowery days .Several times,while on ma black sofa ,while on ma dinning chair in ma home,I queried myself where ma life goes? .I just dragging now the tittle here,"dizzy N' dazed''. Dizzy N' dazed where ma life goes.I was pampering these thoughts in ma mind.Now too i do.Un-packed dreams from the mind call me to their own way,where  the stiff  practical life calls me to another.From ma side ,i don know how to and where to steer.                            Just feel to call Rama Allah & Jesus to sketch out the way for me,as the colonial song said.Purposely the days have been made busy.Have to wake up early ,say around 5 :30 as the punching machine at the Keltron campus waves and calls me.The trips make me busy to a tight extend.The time Im having from the morning 8:30 to 4:30 eve creeps,obviously.The whole life is in a busy thro


Genre: short story F or Nerrendhair toilette, the day was vital, a bit great. Foot steps were in new 'era'. When looked through the grills, the clock was moving fast from four hours, five minutes. Keeping a masked smile, he leaned over the wall. He was lazy to a count. He knew long way was waiting for him that day, the unknown pretty way. The routine play started. He felt that more eyes were staring at him. He too fought towards the 'look'.   He reached the room the bathing one. The first cup of water said 'bye' to the rest. He poured. While the water was patting him well, his eyes get blurred and the mind drew a picture over the wall in front of the man. On the wall he saw his kids, they fight and he shouted then 'hey'. Now the action flagged end. They smiled for him, which made the same in his face, the cutest curve on the globe.                                                                                      "Where are the kids? Ask them


Genre:short story Genre:short story W hen the calendar had said "it’s Monday, 18th June" the bald headed man started begging for a couple of days as leaves. This day the same calendar on the right corner wall says "it’s Tuesday, 26 June.” Yet he didn't get anything  green  from the boss. He wants to be a thrived leave applicant, as it will be a great pleasure bouquet for the 48 year old man. "Delhi! Agra! N the taj. You have been asking me for the same stuffs. What the hell is vital there, and the process here at the office, is too rushy. U must be here. How could I grant u?? ..[Irritated boss is about to jump on him] "Sorry sir, I can’t help stopping .I have to get the days in ma hand. Don wanna repeat the reasons again" it’s an ultimate reflection from the hero side. He too is irritated. It seems. A point of cross- cutting comes here. The gal's age is 19 and till dated she didn't have any big desires and her dad ,the same bald heade

4 lines 4 her

Genre: a crap W hen she goes beside , the gloomy air grins When light goes void , her smile sparks Thunder-balls even  pat her love soaked head strings Flowers in bouquet are ashamed,seeing her Hitherto cannon chills , looking at her lips' curve Seems she hails from heaven. She hurts me , N' Im proud to Her shades and traits leave me now,Im alone I doubt , sometimes almighty makes mistakes

a 'mess' with the dream

M any dates in my life dealt me well.And 26-07-2009 is special.I was awaiting for the day,and I loved it now.Keeping the passion and dream to be in the field of visual media I had applied for FTII and now I'm blogging here with immense pleasure that I put the first step .Whatever result they publish,I'm not into those bonanza.One thing hypes that I  gave the paper,with passion and joy.For the first time I just hold the huge baggies of passion, sincerity and desire for an exam.When I was just doing at ma home and doing along with ma friends,I was truly alone when this particular "hall ticket"  concerned.But at the exam center I could see many buddies who had the same desire n charm together inside the same frame.Ya,it made me happy.Talking with them just made more comfortable and we all were dealing well. Coming to the questions,have to talk lot.Expected mathematical and science queries were nil.Just questions to measure ou

DAYS ARE 17 [ss]

Genre:short story DAY 1 Not like the days before,gulzar is a bit early.Eyes are in search of a catchy sight.Chance is void.Desperately he takes one seat with a coffee.Looks the watch.It said "wait". Faces are running out and in. For him,the train station is the same that he had seen years before.Change never pat it.He sweats for a MNC in the city,catching the same train to connect home n office for the past 4-five years. DAY2 Today the race is on between him and the lady train. She doesn't left him off.There were days gulzar pissed off.Train said bye many times. Now in the seat he is.Abruptly a plastic wrapper flies and grabs his face,which slips from the girl beside.She is about to sit there in front of him. He takes the wrapper in hand.Its a napkin cover.He just points the same to her,"excuse me".She is blushed.she sits there without any reflection. After giving a stare at the stuff he sends it out. "is toilet free now?".When t

universal musical note is down

w hatever the personal traits he had whatever scandals we heard about the head whatever thunderballs he faced today,26 june 2009 morning we lost one musical pearl,who injected the popular genre music to all soil through out the globe.The rented home at hombly hills was the place where he took the last breath. a tribute to him, MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON ,we love u and thanks for the deadly notes www. michaeljackson .com Michael_Jackson Jackson .html www.all michaeljackson .com

The most dazed word,love

  P recisely I have said what I would like to say with the title. Through songs, through stories, through films, through articles holding newspapers, through the same papers, through family, through talks, through friends, I heard a lot of quotes concerning the four letter bundle "L, O, V, and E". Pages of books that we bagged to schools, told us to love each other. Ya it seemed good.   Saying love has many dimensions, we love our parents, we love our relatives, we love our friends and we love our pets even madly and deadly. So nothing is there in the doubt pocket, to say against love's dimensions.   The commendable trait of the above is, we don't take much risk for getting or keeping the loves mentioned.   Loving our parents is the greatest thing. But we needn't take any listed actions for keeping it, as the heart n arrow comes constantly from parents.   Just accept those with pleasure, that's the only acknowledge for mummy papa. When the case of pals

ma yellow days

Genre: true  story     Genre: true story A s usual did the tough job again, said bye for ma bed. It was early for me, for and also for us. The clock needle had crossed the digit "10".Im talking about the little one! We started our last semester and we were pretty "busy" as we were doing our project. Me Afsal n Mahi were hanging out at Salem itself for this. Some of ma dears were doing the same idiotic things from Bangalore. Yet now it’s vague, what ma Amruth did there along with the so called genius Vineeth n Hashim. Recently he asked me the same Q. The big query.” what I did?”                                Ya I ruined the first 5 hours and the time was around three. I was getting tired. As ma mind was searching a right reason for switching off myself, I had to use it. It seemed ma body was getting hot. The temperature rise flagged the fever. Within in no time I fired the announcement "I’m having fever”. I was glad as I’m secured myself from the 'te

have to start now

Hi At last me too here. Dont know what to type. Im honoured well. Ample screen , white one is given , but nothing in ma mind to fill. ooh !   am I wrong again ? Today is Tuesday  19th May 2009,and the time is sharp 11:19pm. For the first time ma silly mind is into a blog, for the first time ma fingers are running right over the keyboard for a page filling.  Ya I know you guessed right? Obviously im also a normal crap.  Who loves to roam but one strange thing for me is  that Im  lazy too.Wanna roam but couldn't do better.Loves music.Loves films and crossing each day with a passion for writing which hovers over ma range. Never touched. See dude,Im having plenty of things in ma mind. Ya keeps a lot. But dont know how I gonna materialise those stuffs. Want to be spotted guy.Wish to be in a position where faces give me smiles along with respect flavoured. Wanna make ma presence a bit goodie for hearts and minds which share the seconds with me. Wanna make them keep, me somewhere in th