Thursday, November 19, 2009

dizzy N' dazed

genre:a crap
Had numerous tasty days,had many splendid  moments and now im not a faded intellectual to get ready for re-welcoming those flowery days .Several times,while on ma black sofa ,while on ma dinning chair in ma home,I queried myself where ma life goes?.I just dragging now the tittle here,"dizzy N' dazed''. Dizzy N' dazed where ma life goes.I was pampering these thoughts in ma mind.Now too i do.Un-packed dreams from the mind call me to their own way,where  the stiff  practical life calls me to another.From ma side ,i don know how to and where to steer.
                           Just feel to call Rama Allah & Jesus to sketch out the way for me,as the colonial song said.Purposely the days have been made busy.Have to wake up early ,say around 5 :30 as the punching machine at the Keltron campus waves and calls me.The trips make me busy to a tight extend.The time Im having from the morning 8:30 to 4:30 eve creeps,obviously.The whole life is in a busy throw,but that great time doesn't show justice .But any way,the writer is in a  fight.Me struggle hard now to mold the same to be charged frolic.My experiment with  time goes on .

Friday, October 9, 2009


Genre: short story
For Nerrendhair toilette, the day was vital, a bit great. Foot steps were in new 'era'. When looked through the grills, the clock was moving fast from four hours, five minutes. Keeping a masked smile, he leaned over the wall. He was lazy to a count. He knew long way was waiting for him that day, the unknown pretty way. The routine play started. He felt that more eyes were staring at him. He too fought towards the 'look'.  He reached the room the bathing one. The first cup of water said 'bye' to the rest. He poured. While the water was patting him well, his eyes get blurred and the mind drew a picture over the wall in front of the man. On the wall he saw his kids, they fight and he shouted then 'hey'. Now the action flagged end. They smiled for him, which made the same in his face, the cutest curve on the globe.
                                        "Where are the kids? Ask them to get ready".  His wife was told.  "You do the job, they all are getting ready" all of a sudden the reply was. He sang horribly then. White autumn flowers were slipping away from his flesh, he felt so. Sprayed water drops made the presence of jewels for him. Again and again and again, he shook his hairs to make the same event. Wall around him replied his 'woh', keeping a dozed tone echoes. For the door knock, he turned back, 'leena I'm coming, wait plz'. He comforted his wife then. That was keen good. But for the very second the scary image of his kids made him scream, and the bright knock on the door from outside made him pause the screaming waves. The sweats too hugged him. He shivered. Himself he managed the trauma. He was then pouring the whole bucket over him thus tearing the water beam from bucket.  After all, the same bucket was fired away. For the actions' each step he rhythm-ed. Teeth too were instrumental factors. Followed minutes let him come out of the bathing room. With a scrooge smile over his face he looked others.
                                                          At the dinning table it held items as he was a foodie. Plates holding food were waiting for his hands. Troubles were void in that frame. The man had enough and the siren from his inner was, a bit out of pitch.
                                      He told many to his wife, even romance. And he was getting comfort replies from the other side. Grins he made and made others think that he is the only innocent and the most.

                                                    A wide lengthy hall appeared. He moved through it, when light strips trace him out of the lesser contrast. We heard sounds. Some one dragged the chair. Plates made their own charm.    Yup!   .  He left the dinning.

                                       He seemed tensed and worried.  He was not satisfied with the framed guidelines that his dear ones had given him. And now the process reached the dressing ‘era’. He was fast enough. Body guarded well. His face always sparked.  When he looked back abruptly, dazzling flowers were dancing there and as a flash only they appeared. He smiled as a hearty acknowledgment for them, yeah for the flowers. For the past fourteen years he had been giving the same routine, for his daily office-trip. He was ready to say 'bye' but before that, another job. He kissed his dear wife then ‘bye’ followed. He didn't spare his ears to others, who were asking and telling some. He got into the car. Seeing his driver ready for a 'take off' with his hand on the gear lever, he asked. 'how you man?'
                                           When asked that, he stared at the gear lever. His eyes were absorbing heavily the frame. Now the driver champ took the hand from the gear lever. He looked at toilette with rudeness clubbing sympathy. Toilette didn’t get any idea. "Disgusting" he said.
                                           Suddenly his head was covered and couldn’t see anything. Some one was tying his hands and he was sure then that the gang is going to loot.  "Dial 100. I wont leave you people , Ajay common" . He yelled at his driver. To have the control over, he said many "driver take the hell"

         All around heard a terrific sound. Pin drop silence reigned. "Hmmm he is hanged”, with exhaustion the policeman said. Prison superintendent, person from the court and the superiors looked him. Seemed all said the same within the minds
                 the very next morning
                     At the jail warden's :-
                                            Newspapers for the cops displayed  
                                    " Toilette hanged " with story " Nerrendhair toilette, who have given the capital punishment , was hanged yesterday for brutally killing his family". . . . . . . .
                                       "an affair". . . . . . .  
                          "lover". . . .
                                 . . . "stabbed" . .
                             . . . . "raped and killed". . . . .
                        daughter . . . . . . . . . . .  
  Many words pumped out in that daily to cover up the story.

          While groping inside the paper, one of the cop asked the police in saree,  "why he kissed u lady?. . . . . . strange? ". . . "hmmm special anything?" keeping the fun in his words,  he continued  "the man was murmuring and even bluffing a bit through out the day .  But you are lucky, u got one kiss," [with laughs he drove again into the newspaper]
   "His psyche might leave him before his journey". This reply from the lady police made all other 'comics' stop.  They all kept the silence nicely. she just pat her cheek gently

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Genre:short story

Genre:short story

When the calendar had said "it’s Monday, 18th June" the bald headed man started begging for a couple of days as leaves. This day the same calendar on the right corner wall says "it’s Tuesday, 26 June.” Yet he didn't get anything  green  from the boss. He wants to be a thrived leave applicant, as it will be a great pleasure bouquet for the 48 year old man.

"Delhi! Agra! N the taj. You have been asking me for the same stuffs. What the hell is vital there, and the process here at the office, is too rushy. U must be here. How could I grant u??..[Irritated boss is about to jump on him]

"Sorry sir, I can’t help stopping .I have to get the days in ma hand. Don wanna repeat the reasons again" it’s an ultimate reflection from the hero side. He too is irritated. It seems.

A point of cross- cutting comes here.

The gal's age is 19 and till dated she didn't have any big desires and her dad ,the same bald headed gentleman was holding the cool times with her. When needs ,desires n passions are concerned the gals is so simple and not so excessive.
He doesn’t have a stubborn gal.
He doesn’t   a wife now.
He doesn’t have a posh life
He doesn’t have any grudge
yup one more ,
He doesn’t have any hair.

Like tat a simple life, a calm one he is leading with her pretty cute girl. Both were N' are happy.

"dad lets go for a trip, I wanna see Taj mahal once.lets go.plz dad"  he got this request from his gal months back. While she was asking she might not be serious, but the man hold it damn serious and he has been just making out the way to Agra from his home. Financial preparation was horrible for him, seeing his face I felt.
The man's life managements and manipulation are just for the gal in the home. He doesn’t wanna take other raw to his life. Saying by a phrase, he lives for her. Why should he bother other stuffs, cute and ugly?. His friends and his colleagues know the daddy well. They all have been seeing the same dairy for the past bundle of years.

His diary pages don’t count days, but years are dealt there. It’s the world for him. It’s the life n light for the gentle man. Every tracks and shades of his daughter move through the pages. Nothing heavy to show off. The pages keep his little queen safe inside them.

The smile she gave, the cry she gave, the shout she made, the song she sang, the picture she drew, dress she wore, the list goes n goes. Every turns and curves in her life, all the pages says that. And the man holds it even now, the same diary with enough untidy pages and weird look. When queries come concerning the same, the man's eyes do get wet N' he will be in charming zone N' fabulous scenes-frames come out through his words. He does describe  them so nicely.   She acts in that, she sings, she laughs, she grins in that diary pages .All she does through   his words.
Yup, look at the cabin. He is there at the boss' table as he was called.

“Boss good afternoon!"
"Yes good afternoon"
"You want the days rt?" "Any change?"

And the same reply hovers in the room

"I want the days, want the leave"

[@ Home]
She is about to take the book from the shelf, at the right corner of the hall. The phone calls her.

"say dad"
"yeah!!!! [With utmost excitement]
darling, four legs ,four hands ,four eyes moves from our sweet nest to Agra ,today get ready"
what? dad!!!
"ya I'm coming get ready there. Quick, get mine too"

The little lady grins. She doesn't get any idea, what she does what doesn’t. She was just playing with seconds. She gropes here and there, widely. She hurriedly jumps on the dresses, sorted them out. She bags it, with in seconds count. When the soft hands hold the shampoo, she remembers the red n pink polishes she got two days before. She keeps the shampoo bottle there, runs for the polishes .Put them all.

The game continues, she runs for the shampoo now. She drives here and there, the paths are highly complicated. So, would like to say short about her fight with the time, with the clock.
The blasting sound you heard now is just the closing of bathroom door. She takes the shower.
The man comes out of his office. He sings now. Much flashy he is now.
Look at him, he is pretty cool now.
He feels now,
"Yes I'm a daddy now, now only. I love her, but couldn't care her"
He may or may not be thinking now. I’m not sure.

He gets in the shop. Runs n flies, collects the things for the journey, the long one that he is going to have with his life, his baby gal.

But the same female continues her rock n roll with out any breaks. And she does it fabulously. My self I wonder now, how much stuffs n craps she is going to have for the trip. Seems she is peak excited. No doubt, it goes true as her dad is going to give her a terrific pack of hours by the trip.
Now in the frame: the man goes through the footpath. And he hands more bags now. Still he is in search of something else. He enters the shop at the corner. Gave seconds there, comes out with another addition, ye one bag more  .hurie!!!.
LADIES N GENTLEMEN the sequel for the shopping is over now. And our man is calling taxi now. The car moves.

Now have a cross cut, again
Gal is cute now. She wears a white T -shirt N' a denim jeans. Two huge bags take the mark beside her. They go fat. She is waiting for the start, having her whole "home" in the bags. She is happy? Or tensed? A bit. Strange to see that. Some peoples' excitements draw difference on faces. The crafted trait suits here.

The yard for the home fills with roses n some more leafy lives. And the roadway in front is painted well by leaves, down from the boughs. Now, the taxi comes to the same road.
When she looks out, she could see her dad is just closing the cab door, the car moves and he approaches.
She makes a murmur

"ooh dad""

She again looks outside, and takes the bags.

"Hey where were you?" she shouts

"Seconds, minutes and even hours have been taken by Shoppe , darling” dad replies.

"Hey it took time to get the bike ready, darling"

When the guy who sits on the bike says this, the man looks at him.
"what’s that?"he asks himself

"Stupid"    it is from the gal.

The man's mind creeps.
He just stares at his daughter now. Checks frame by frame-what she does

"She looks me
She holds the bags now
She looks back to the wall, her mother
She starts now, she runs
She comes to me now,[she keeps the luggage down]
She looks at me
She says "sorry dad"
She turns and runs now, to the corner yard
She gets on the bike; the guy looks at me now
She too looks, she looks odd
Bike starts,"

The man is frozen. Gives one yell "hey.hello, Lobelia"

Roses from the yard, leaves from the sides, birds on boughs and the breeze that hovers have replied his "hello”,
Except his little gal.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

4 lines 4 her

Genre: a crap

When she goes beside , the gloomy air grins
When light goes void , her smile sparks
Thunder-balls even  pat her love soaked head strings
Flowers in bouquet are ashamed,seeing her
Hitherto cannon chills , looking at her lips' curve
Seems she hails from heaven.
She hurts me , N' Im proud to
Her shades and traits leave me now,Im alone
I doubt , sometimes almighty makes mistakes

Monday, July 27, 2009

a 'mess' with the dream

Many dates in my life dealt me well.And 26-07-2009 is special.I was awaiting for the day,and I loved it now.Keeping the passion and dream to be in the field of visual media I had applied for FTII and now I'm blogging here with immense pleasure that I put the first step .Whatever result they publish,I'm not into those bonanza.One thing hypes that I  gave the paper,with passion and joy.For the first time I just hold the huge baggies of passion, sincerity and desire for an exam.When I was just doing at ma home and doing along with ma friends,I was truly alone when this particular "hall ticket"  concerned.But at the exam center I could see many buddies who had the same desire n charm together inside the same frame.Ya,it made me happy.Talking with them just made more comfortable and we all were dealing well.
Coming to the questions,have to talk lot.Expected mathematical and science queries were nil.Just questions to measure our aesthetic sense were packed tightly inside the booklet.Vigorous roam was done to get the centre,The Presidency School [r.t.nagar,bglr].

Just keeping the top geared enthusiasm for the short listed list to get published.

wanna rate me. myself!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DAYS ARE 17 [ss]

Genre:short story


Not like the days before,gulzar is a bit early.Eyes are in search of a catchy sight.Chance is void.Desperately he takes one seat with a coffee.Looks the watch.It said "wait". Faces are running out and in. For him,the train station is the same that he had seen years before.Change never pat it.He sweats for a MNC in the city,catching the same train to connect home n office for the past 4-five years.


Today the race is on between him and the lady train. She doesn't left him off.There were days gulzar pissed off.Train said bye many times. Now in the seat he is.Abruptly a plastic wrapper flies and grabs his face,which slips from the girl beside.She is about to sit there in front of him. He takes the wrapper in hand.Its a napkin cover.He just points the same to her,"excuse me".She is blushed.she sits there without any reflection. After giving a stare at the stuff he sends it out.
"is toilet free now?".When the old man  asked  her this,she replied 'yeah' making  face more pink..She said freely[gulzar doesn't think so ].All stay cool.


This day the train is rushy.We all could doubt gulzar,that he has followed the same girl.Whatever it is,she is near to him now.Their eyes struck.The debut smile he fired went waste.She seems stern as almost all girls do.After a long spell a slight smile is hanging on her face.She hides it turning off herself.He creeps and now he is more close to her.
"what is  the date?"
he asked  one who naps and trying to upgrade the same, standing.

"19". The man replied as he lost something expensive

gulzar:"But the date is 18 man".

man:" hey common,what u want?"

gulzar:"me? nothing".[looks her,and with a gap of silence,says]."management made ma salary plus,as I work hard"[laughs as he successfully executed  a self scoring dialogue before the girl].

She is about to step down.She comes closer to him and says "but your zip is still open!.

It was too hitting and electrifying words.Gulzar suddenly checks the shutter - she is true."ooh shit".All starts laughing and a special laugh with a weird tone comes out from the man beside him,the same man.She just left.And he is in search of oxygen.


Gulzar is very careful.With the sparking eyes as a hunter holds,he moves on the platform.He doesnt want trouble seeing her.Deliberate minutes crossed.Train is welcomed by the platform where she stepped down  yesterday.He is free from the cutie .
"excuse me,"
As he turned ,its her.
"how the day,god morning!.work hard"
with the most beautiful smile on her face she moves away.Strange air comes to him.Its a pleasant curve on his face.Delighted Gulzar! as he finds some thing precious .

"i have to love you" he says

No doubt,Gulzar is searching for the awesome girl  now.He searches,searches n searches.No looks catch  her.His mood seems to ride wrong.He is waiting for the station where she does leave . Finally the station has come.Among the human flush he starts the scan.She comes out from the same compartment where they met n shared moments.He yells "hi".All are looking at him and she too.For him she stands alone in that range.Just got a hand wave from her and its enough there.


This sixth day is the day of dumb language for these creatures.As they got locked in the rush ,emotional fields are not helpless for them.Both are far enough to prevent voice chats .But they talk a lot .They talk for a long time.Gulzar doesn't know what she says and she obviously in the same state.But he is on cloud nine. .He comes to the door and says "bye".Train moves taking Gulzar n Gulzar moves taking her "byesmile"


Pretty good boy is Gulzar  now. He is early.Rarely he does.She is in the window side and he sits opposite to her.Face to face,as they sat b4.Within seconds the  train is loaded well. He stares at her and she is nervous,a bit.                    
ooh shit got wrong,she stares at him and Gulzar is nervous, chronic nervous.
Himalayan task he does,to overcome those.And now he is getting good n pretty cool as train eats distances



She just get down as the train is on the mark.For gulzar the whole spell was some seconds.He doesnt know,what happened there.


The two humans get into the same train piece.While they started, both were pretty far .But now when the 3rd horn airs he is here ,at the mark near to her.Just like pure strangers they do. He or she never drags apart.Sometimes shakes bind them.Seats are getting vacant.But nothing bothers  them.They stand as the train is holding  huge rush.

Nothing is new.But the very next second, Gulzar grabs her palm.Rough look is pumping out from her ,which later would get pacified. They look outside,they look at the fan ,they stare at others,they smile. But never look each other and their hands never leave each other till the journey ends.


A fresh journey starts.Gulzar boldly comes near to her,smiles.
"how are you" she asks the same" how are you"

just rubbing the nails gulzar comments

"we both are fine"
That goes good and both smiles now.They couldn't help that.
 but again he asks
gulzar:how are u
gal:im fine

gal:how are u
gulzar: me too.

For us the whole stuffs value worse.Sure they are saying something from heart.Obviously .He holds her hand.A fine day


After the smiling session ,Gulzar fires ,"im having something for u".With her eyebrows she replied.He takes a lunch pack and gives  her
"i was in kitchen 4 u".
"hmmmm..good.. but im having mine"she replies
."oh fine, then do one thing ,just give me yours lets exchange rt?" .He solves the problem

 She is looking at the railway poster and smiles.
He cursors the word strangers
. And asked "im not a stranger rt?"
 She was cool and comfortable then.Something flashed.Just opened her palm for him.Hands get locked and both are safe, i mean the hands.It seems.Train moved on.................


Gulzar searches the face,that made him nervous,soft,and that made him romantic.The search touches the void end.Desperate guy loose the charm and he is now helpless.Ready to do anything,but nothing to do.Even he dont know how the days moved.


Disturbed mind stands near the door , looking outside .Train moves fast. He gets a "hi" from the back and for the same  he  looks back. The heart conqueror is standing near him. Abruptly with out any hesitation he hugs the gal who greeted.It is odd and weird for us .But seeing the one who he have been looking for the past  days  made him  forget others-around and everything.He missed her in a big way. The great addition over the scene is now, he kisses her.Unexpected lips' merge doesnt give time for the gal to respond. She gains the mind back and pushes him  apart.

Better than them ,people around the scene at the platform enjoy the kiss.
"i was searching you" ,showing him the card she expresses the grieve.The card invites him for a marriage of  ROMNIA ANGEL with HARIZ DOMNIC .She moves away ,with tears n blushy face.He says nothing. Fellow passengers  are into them,looking at him.When her station comes,he too steps out.
He is just heeling   her. What his mind is going through is perfectly unknown.

Gulzar:"are you Romnia?"

with a scratched and dull voice

gal: "ya,I' am"

  The tears come from him  seems like blood.

"nice name"Gulzar murmurs
tears only, s(he) leaves .

Thursday, June 25, 2009

universal musical note is down

whatever the personal traits he had
whatever scandals we heard about the head
whatever thunderballs he faced
today,26 june 2009 morning we lost one musical pearl,who injected the popular genre music to all soil through out the globe.The rented home at hombly hills was the place where he took the last breath.
a tribute to him,
and thanks for the deadly notes

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The most dazed word,love

  Precisely I have said what I would like to say with the title. Through songs, through stories, through films, through articles holding newspapers, through the same papers, through family, through talks, through friends, I heard a lot of quotes concerning the four letter bundle "L, O, V, and E". Pages of books that we bagged to schools, told us to love each other. Ya it seemed good.  Saying love has many dimensions, we love our parents, we love our relatives, we love our friends and we love our pets even madly and deadly. So nothing is there in the doubt pocket, to say against love's dimensions.  The commendable trait of the above is, we don't take much risk for getting or keeping the loves mentioned.  Loving our parents is the greatest thing. But we needn't take any listed actions for keeping it, as the heart n arrow comes constantly from parents.  Just accept those with pleasure, that's the only acknowledge for mummy papa.
When the case of pals comes, it seems like a molecular chain, adding up each year and each stage of the running life. When I'm getting mails and sms on friendship days, saying friendship is precious and it’s the sacred thing, I wonder who dare 'n' manipulates these.  Frankly, true friendships won’t be cared precious or sacred. Better to say friends come along with us. As said b4, specific stage of life has its own flow of process.  All move fast some furious. While some join hands and get into the flow together. These days friends are made. Obviously, they are much closer. Stupidity, freaks, delighted scenes n worse scenes are enjoyed mostly with friends, better say almost all with friends.  Then how could one say that it’s sacred? It’s open and it’s the only relation, having peak openness.
Coming to the romantic dimension of love, taking ma perspective I would like to say that this one is the most special 'n' vital case. It doesn’t make any sense if one started searching for a boyfriend or girlfriend. There might be hearts making sense. I don wan to endorse the love that is planned and purposely made. For me, it doesn’t make any sense and hopefully it won’t. The love must come our way. Sometimes friendship leads, some times an acquaintance even over a tonally deserted background.  Love for a girl that hails from a boy’s heart holds some thing divine. Obviously vise-versa.  No risks would be there from the heart side to flower a love. It comes and takes its space by its own.
Heard plenty of times people saying "I never loved before marriage. I started loving ma wife. She is the only gal in ma life". Those who say the same, for me they are unlucky. Those who say the process as a credit are weird. Loving one after marriage is not a great thing when the particular pure love is concerned. [Those who links love to marriage, must be saluted]. By the auspicious marriage she/he is forced to love. Definitely they do. What does a normal guy do when a sweetie shares the bed along with social approval? He or she starts from there and leads to love. No doubt same love comes. But all could do that love rt? It’s easy
Don’t know, whether love before the knot is a sin. But there are people every where who loves to love it. I'm lucky. I enjoyed. Sometimes we won’t complete the circle of love, but should feel the fell that comes from him/her without any concern of time, religion, nation, language, color and even sex. It molds a good individual sometime ruin, it has such powers.  Any way thanks for putting your eyes into it. Don know whether it worth or not.  All keeps their love for ever if it has the shade of sincerity. But at the same time all do act well and make themselves believe that he/she has forgotten everything about the past love or lost love.
But even hearts
love to leave. . .

Sunday, May 24, 2009

ma yellow days

Genre: true  story 
Genre: true story
As usual did the tough job again, said bye for ma bed. It was early for me, for and also for us. The clock needle had crossed the digit "10".Im talking about the little one! We started our last semester and we were pretty "busy" as we were doing our project. Me Afsal n Mahi were hanging out at Salem itself for this. Some of ma dears were doing the same idiotic things from Bangalore. Yet now it’s vague, what ma Amruth did there along with the so called genius Vineeth n Hashim. Recently he asked me the same Q. The big query.” what I did?”
                               Ya I ruined the first 5 hours and the time was around three. I was getting tired. As ma mind was searching a right reason for switching off myself, I had to use it. It seemed ma body was getting hot. The temperature rise flagged the fever. Within in no time I fired the announcement "I’m having fever”. I was glad as I’m secured myself from the 'terrific' project pre-production at-least for a couple of days. By the night, I was totally tired and had ma temperature around 100.Linu suggested me to move home, which pasted a big smile on ma face. The Deepu's ayurvedic coffee[now also he says it’s medicinal] didn’t work.
I’m in train now. Said my special bye for ma pro-group colleagues. I suggested them to do the initial stuffs by themselves. I was ok then. Nothing made me think worse as it was a normal homie trip for fever. I and all others made a dozen for the same b4. Embracing the glad feel of skipping some days from the process I reached home safely. Went to the doctor along with ma dad .Suggestion for some tests came from their. I was Hmm .Went for those. I was back home.April7 08.Time was driving differently. Result told me, typhoid!.
Dad was going there, mom was calling someone, and some called me. Some called her. Dad was rushing in, uncle came. Didn’t know what was going out there. But one thing, within an hour I was in the hospital bed. For the first time a strange experience was given. Before, I had visited the place for seeing others. But now twisted, they are coming in to see me. Three days, I spent. I was totally in trouble.
Me was going worse and worse. Injections, tablets more n more were going inside ma troubled body. Hospital personals were in ultimate chaos. Holding the doubt, something more ma body wanted to say, physician instructed for some more check-ups. That time it was a bit shocking. Hepatitis A, another name in the list. For the new guest -jaundice, preparation was taken tremendously. More medicines took the place, some of them got replaced. I was brushing well ma memories there, as I was struggling to tune up ma psyche range.
Packets of fruits, say apples, oranges n many more were importing well from different part of the 'world' along with the terrific sympathy. Number of eyes which traced me was adding up day by day, hours by hours. After a fight of 7 days with the medicines from the hospital, I got released from the area.
                                 I got shifted to ma home. By the time ma body started changing the colour .It was the time when ma body started painting itself. Initially it was too slow, and then the same thing got accelerated well. Friends! It was the starting of notable days I had in ma life. I was advised to take plenty of water each day. I used to take around 10 to 15 liters per day. It is not a bhakwas!   I used to. Ma body was good enough in colour-yellow and Urine was terrifically great in colour. While coming out of the 5 stored hospital building I was having a bilirumin count of 10, which had taken off from 6.Physician once told me that the count would go like a peaked graph. The point starts from minimum touches the top then should come down.
                                          Once in a week, ma blood has been sucked by one of the gorgeous women from the lab near by. Its sad now, I was not in a position to fire even a sweet "hi" for the lady. I don know how much body liquid I donated for the lab machines. Each day I was praying well along with ma family. Dad, mom, bro, uncle, aunt, venuuncle, cousins and everyone were there for me with sparking love. We all were praying to keep the count in track.
                                              Drastic situation we held till the count comes back from 13. Situation started getting cooler. I was smiling. Sure they too. All these took a month of time. I know you forgot about ma project. It was ok and safe in the hands of them, my friends. They were doing well without me. But I was missing something great. And i was sure I would miss something great. In between we tried some folk treatments too. Whether it helped me or not, I swear i don know. Ma position was pretty adjustable and endorsed to go college for the submission of project.
                                             Dad and I started off. It was for 2 days. Three men minds were totally void for the concerned project work. I was having only hours to know about the one month aged project. So I did those furiously. Some how I made the presentation and backed home. Deliberate moves were taken always then, but again I got ill. FLASHY FRAMES, hospital! Check-ups! Medicines!' 
                                          See I’m in the bed now' .For the second time I was hospitalized. This time, again typhoid grabbed me well. I was about to expel from the stage, but time made me to be back .This time the room went bad. Ten plus days I was like ball in the bottle. I lost the whole vigor I had. A uncle was there for me.   
                                           Sleepless days were uncountable. The time made me familiar with the FM programmes aired. Through out the night uncle gave me company. Dad mom and the sun were coming in the morning, joined hands.   
                                      I had taken much space. Now I would like to talk about the days I spent after that hospital spell. The same process of weekly test was going on. During each, god got many prayers from my home. Ultimate rocking days were those. I lost ma huge weight. Ma skin was too lax. It was like a wet paper. Nothing to say about the colour I had that time. When I pissed  I used to sing:
"mango fruity fresh n juicy"
                                   Terrible thing was the itching. Whole body wanted to get brushed strongly always, all the time. Chronic itching forced ma hands to do rubbing as hard n strong as possible. I did with whatever tool I was getting then. Blood stains were here and there. And the days were running .Already I spent 2 months almost in bed. Time got worse then, the count touched the peak -32 .
                                     Frames went fast and I was referred to calicut. Pure rest and good food were suggested from there by Dr.Vinayendran nair. He supported me powerfully and asked me to eat whatever I need, without any control. He was pretty sure, that the count would be getting down from the position. If not i might be in trouble.
                                      Prayers were huge from the loving humans around me and they all were happy when the count made its 'u-turn’. From that time, I was moving along with the gradual process. We all had waited for the day in which the count 32 was replaced by a smaller digit. 
                                          Those days were horrible. I was frantic. I have seen ma dad's eyes wet one morning [mom’s, as u know, they were wet through out].When the count came down to 20 I was a bit okay. Used to move from room to room and almost I was ok when the same came down to 12.But for others, the count 12 was heart breaking. We all were cool when I hold 12.Often we were checking till it touched 2.
                                    After that, physician told us to stop those great cycles. It was well enough, for me too. Doctor having an experience of around 40 years, told once
"we all were scared and in DOUBT"
Thanking god n gods right down here. I was glad finally. Obviously now too I’m glad coz I could write this blog.

have to start now

At last me too here. Dont know what to type. Im honoured well.
Ample screen , white one is given , but nothing in ma mind to fill. ooh !   am I wrong again ?
Today is Tuesday  19th May 2009,and the time is sharp 11:19pm. For the first time ma silly mind is into a blog, for the first time ma fingers are running right over the keyboard for a page filling. 

Ya I know you guessed right? Obviously im also a normal crap.  Who loves to roam but one strange thing for me is  that Im  lazy too.Wanna roam but couldn't do better.Loves music.Loves films and crossing each day with a passion for writing which hovers over ma range. Never touched. See dude,Im having plenty of things in ma mind. Ya keeps a lot. But dont know how I gonna materialise those stuffs. Want to be spotted guy.Wish to be in a position where faces give me smiles along with respect flavoured. Wanna make ma presence a bit goodie for hearts and minds which share the seconds with me. Wanna make them keep, me somewhere in their minds at least for seven days. 

Rt now im loving this. Rt now myself, lijin loves and wish to do the same blogging in days that follow this great Tuesday. Now im enjoying writing here. Oh god! Its from your side.You have to keep the desire and spark always. Then only golden letters flower here. oyEEE! you thanks